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What makes me special? - Spring Term 1

Reception Project: What makes me special?

Spring 1 - 2022


Developing self-worth and confidence is always essential. We felt that this year it was particularly important, so we have dedicated our first Spring project to discovering what makes us special.

We will begin by learning about our senses and discussing our likes and dislikes. As the term goes on we will learn about our bodies, how they work, how our brain works and how to make healthy choices. We will talk about what we are good at and what we find hard.

We also know that our children have very little experience with other cultures and so we are excited to make extra time in this project to have early conversations about race and religion, to expose the child to different disabilities and ways of life, and importantly to challenge stereotypes.

Finally, in this project we will be looking at how love and friendship is celebrated around the world and create our very own Love Day WOW event to celebrate all of the wonderful things we love about ourselves and each other.

Week 3

This week the children have learnt about the way their body works and how this makes them special. We started by learning about our skeleton and understanding what our bones do. 

We then talked about our heart and our lungs. We loved finding our pulse, exercising to make our heart beat faster and having a go at belly breathing and square breathing to feel our breathe. We learnt that exercising and resting are both important to keep our bodies healthy. 

At the end of the week we began to learn about our brain and all of the wonderful things it can do. 

Week 2

This week we have learnt about what we look like.

We created a whole class pictograph to show the different eye colours and hair colours of our children.

We learnt the vocabulary 'diversity' and 'respect' and used these to talk about our class books, "Our Skin" and "All Are Welcome". Both were really useful books to begin discussions about discrimination. 


In art we created self-portraits using transient art and then later in the week  sketched our faces, remembering to use shape and spaces to represent different body parts.


In maths this week we learnt about measure. We used the vocabulary 'short', 'tall' and 'long' to talk about and compare objects, our height, and the length of our feet. We also learnt to order and measure length. 

Week 1  


This week we learnt what the vocabulary 'unique' and 'special' means and began to talk about the different things we would be learning about this term.


Throughout the rest of the week we have been exploring our senses. We know that our senses help us to make sense of the world around us. We can use our senses to help to decide what we like and don't like. 

The children used their senses to describe popcorn, went on a sense hunt, sang the senses song, and shared their opinions on different sensory experiences. 


In maths we have been learning to compare numbers to 5.  We have started our Spring 1 phonics and have been excited to welcome the JB balance bikes in school for our very first session.