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Autumn Term 2 2021: Rio De Vida

Our Cornerstones project this term is called Rio De Vida so put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party in Rio. We will learn all about our carnivals, compose carnival poetry, create vibrant dances and play carnival rhythms. We’ll learn to speak some Portuguese (the official language of Brazil), study maps and globes to locate Brazil and decide what it would be like to live there.


As we learn more about Brazil, we’ll explore famous legends, follow recipes to make Brazilian carnival treats and scour non-fiction books for fascinating facts. Reflecting on what we have learnt about Brazilian culture, we’ll think about celebrations in different parts of the world and decide why people celebrate. We’ll also create colourful collages, cards and carnival bunting. Brazilian sporting excellence is paid tribute to when we take the time to practice and hone our sporting skills ready for a mini-Olympics.


All of these wonderful learning experiences will help us to answer this projects Big Question: How is Brazil similar and different to the United Kingdom?


Help your child prepare for their project

Celebrations are exciting for everyone. Why not look through some old photos together and talk about any celebrations taking place in the pictures? You could also plan a party and choose the decorations, food and music together. Alternatively, use a children’s atlas to discover countries around the world. Read the name of each country carefully and find out what it would be like to live there.

Week 6

During D+T this week, the children reflected on everything we have learnt about carnivals and samba dancing. The children then choose from a range of materials to create their very own Samba headdress.

Week 5 

The children really enjoyed listening to author and illustrator, Nick Sharratt read some of his super Shark stories to the class. They were also extremely excited to draw alongside Nick to create some wonderful drawings of characters from the stories.

Week 3

During this lesson we discussed different celebrations and cakes we might eat during these celebrations. The children then had the opportunity to taste some different cakes we might eat at different celebrations. The children then made some traditional Brazilian Brigadeiros celebration cakes.

Week 2

This week in literacy the children have been learning all about Brazilian mythical creatures! The children have then been working hard to create their own mythical creature, using lots of adjectives to describe.

Week 1 

We started the week this week watching some videos of a carnival in Brazil. The children then worked together to mind map as many nouns as they could that were associated with the carnival video. The children will use all of these ideas later in the week to create their own carnival poems.

This week in music we have been learning all about percussion instruments used in Samba music. The children had a fantastic time playing their instruments in time to the music and experimenting with creating different sounds.