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Week 2

Religious Education


We made our own Hannukah Menorahs this week. We tried to make the eight candles kosher by making them the same height then the middle candle, the Shamash, taller. The Shamash candle is the candle that lights the other eight candle. The eight candles represent the eight days of Hannukah.



Year 2 have been really busy this week finding amounts with money. We even counted out £115 in notes!



During this lesson we spent time discussing coastal towns that the children have visited. We discussed what they saw and highlighted where the children had been on a map of the UK. The children then worked in pairs to sort Physical and Human features sorting cards. 





During literacy this week,  lesson we had a slow release of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We spent time looking at the front cover and predicting what we thought the story might be about.

We then read the first two pages of the story and identified any similarities between this traditional tale and others we have read in the past (The Three Little Pigs).

Later we read the next two pages and met the character Goldilocks. We talked about Goldilocks’ character and what type of person we thought she was and why.

Later on in the week the children acted out different parts of the story. We had some fantastic Goldilocks performances and some great Baby Bears!