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Week 11

Religious Education


We have continued with our project by discussing the Christian story behind the Christmas celebration. We read this wonderful book by Mary Joslin:



After the story, we discussed the fact that Christians believe Jesus is a very important person and explored the parts of the story that show Christians that Jesus was a special baby. 


For our next lesson, we focused on The Three Wise Men and read the book by Loek Koopmans.


We all thought about a special gift that we would give to someone. We drew it then explained who it was for, why we had chosen it and how it would make the receiver feel. We also shared our thoughts about why gifts are given at Christmas. Most of us reflected on the fact is was all part of the celebration of Christmas, some of us just thought it was to make people happy and be kind!

Take a look at the incredible nativity dolls that Freddie's grandma knitted. We really enjoyed looking at them and they reinforced our learning of the Christmas story.