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Reading and Writing

At Gipsey Bridge Academy we value reading as a key life skill. We aim for all of our children to develop an enjoyment of reading by immersing them in high quality texts from a range of genres. Through our holistic approach to teaching reading, children gain the necessary skills to develop into competent readers, who can read fluently, with confidence and gain a deeper understanding of what they have read.


We also promote a love of writing within our learners. We want them to be creative and express themselves through their writing. We intend to create writers that are able to re – read, edit and improve their writing.

Year 4, you blow me away. Just a couple of examples from an AMAZING batch of historical narratives. So proud. Top notch editing too

Class 1 have spent lots of time learning all about Samuel Wilderspin. The children were very interested to learn how he wanted to change the way children were taught during the Victorian Era and how he invented the playground!

Class 1 are learning all about instructions. They began by following instructions of how to make a tiger mask. Later in the week the children are going to be writing their own instructions explaining how to make a tiger mask.

We finished writing our leaflets about Boston and evaluated each other's work to offer feedback, praise and points for improvement. 

Class 2 are creating leaflets about our local town - Boston. Today, we spent some time thinking about how it is different to Gipsey Bridge, including using the vocabulary on our knowledge organisers, such as 'rural', 'urban' and 'transport links'. We planned the structure, including paragraphs and sub-titles, using pictures as prompts for our discussions.

This week, class 2 are learning all about story writing. They have started the week learning about the story, Sam's sandwich. The children loved hearing about how Sam made a sandwich for his sister but added some tasty insects to make it extra delicious! The children spent time working in groups to order and retell the story. 

We've been learning all about instructions this week. We have been working hard to highlight the key features of instructions.

This week, we have been working together in small groups to create our own version of the poem ‘The Sound Collector’. We shared our ideas about the sounds we could hear around school and put our individual ideas together to create a group poem, which we then read aloud together. We had to think about our intonation and expression and as a challenge, we were asked to think of ways we could incorporate some of the sounds we were describing into the poem!

After researching Caterpillars, the children in Class 1 worked together to write as many facts as they could remember ready for writing our Non-chronological reports later in the week.

Class 1 planning and drafting their mini-beast recounts.