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Week 5


This week, we explored food webs in more detail, including the concept of ‘interdependence’. In groups, we analysed some food webs for different ecosystems and discussed a range of ‘what would happen if…’ scenarios e.g. what would happen if a drought killed off all of the grass/oak trees etc. 

We have been introduced to a new traditional tale this week which is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We have used drama to portray our understanding of the text and developed vocabulary from examining the text. We built a word bank of nouns and adjectives to create expanded noun phrases which we then were able to put into sentences to support us when we come to write our story opening. We used dictionaries to help with our spelling and upskilling of vocabulary.


In History we explored Anglo-Saxon legacy, we considered how life may be different if the Anglo-Saxons did not invade and settle in England. We were able to learn aspects such as counties and place names, language, laws, religion and the Kingdom of England to identify the influence the Anglo-Saxons had on these aspects and life today.


In Geography we have been exploring North and South America. We have identified geographical characteristics of North and South America by focusing on countries within them and exploring their human and physical features as well as any key facts about the country such as capital cities and their size. We used atlases and the iPads to help us with our research.