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Week 2

In our writing lessons, we have been engaging with our new stimulus 'Leon and the Place Between'. We have explored the text structure and have identified our purpose for writing. We made a success criteria for our writing and developed our grammar and vocabulary and been able to construct creative sentences.


In geography, we completed a river study of the River Thames, exploring the upper, middle and lower course of the river and its features. We then learned about the journey of a river from the source to the mouth.


In PSHE, we learned about dares. We discussed what a dare is and what it means to dare someone and whether it can ever be a positive thing and different ways of responding when someone dares another person to do something. In groups, we looked at different scenarios and decide which are dares, giving reasons for our  responses. 


In Science, we recapped our learning about solids, liquids and gases from our last lesson. We then looked at labelled examples to hold, observe and manipulate. Some of these were more difficult to classify. We revisited our table from last lesson and added any additional materials into it that we are familiar with. We then moved onto Particle Theory, exploring why solids, liquids and gases have different properties. Miss Doran used a hula hoop and the children to demonstrate the particle theory. 


In RE, we looked at the 'taking amrit' part of Sikhism. We understood this is important to Sikhs and it is part of them making a promise. We discussed whether making promises would be hard or difficult and compared this to other religions we know.