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Mosaic Masters

Mosaic Masters Companion Project


For the first of their companion projects Class 2 watched a presentation to understand what a mosaic is and how long this form of artwork has been seen and used in history. The second part was to add the mosaic artwork pictures to a timeline, helping summarise when and where mosaics were across the world.


the class then had a look at a variety of Roman mosaics, paying attention to the colours, patterns, border styles and the subject matter used to create them. After picking a design which captured their eye, they sketched parts of the design and discussed what would be important when designing a mosaic tile of their own. 

Practising techniques


Today's lesson involved practising the art of using tesserae to create Roman mosaic border patterns. The outcome was to use and combine a range of visual elements in their artwork, paying attention to the detail of leaving interstices between each tesserae piece. 

Making a Mosaic Border Tile


Class 2 had great fun this week putting all their mosaic skills into practice. The children had to use their knowledge of mosaic patterns and themes to create their own piece. Paying close attention to the pattern they wanted to create, they remembered to leave a small interstice between each tesserae piece and the next. Finally, the whole piece was then grouted to fill in the interstice areas and complete the tile. 


Ask your child how long Mosaic art work has been used.