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PSHE, SMSC & British Values


At Gipsey Bridge Academy, we teach PSHE as a whole-school approach to support our children's by promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement.  



As well as being embedded into our values, ethos and curriculum, SMSC and British Values are also incorporated into our weekly 'Picture News' assemblies. Here are some examples of the themes we explore.

A real delight to see our children making Christmas cards for all the RAFMS and PMs on active service over the festive period.

To help spread the ‘Reach Out’ message, our whole school took part in the national ‘Odd Socks Day’ promotion to help raise awareness of anti-bullying.

Class 2 working collaboratively to alphabetise a set of books in PSHE. Which team would come up with the best strategy by listening and working as a team?

What an uplifting PSHE lesson Y3 had today. Celebrating our uniqueness and sharing the qualities that we value in each other. Heart-warming stuff!

Class 3 had a visit from an author! Fantastic virtual session with Tom Palmer. Great questions from our children and a real privilege to talk to an actual author! A great experience for everyone; which we even shared with two other schools in our Trust.

Class 1 have been learning about how important sleep is for brains, helping us concentrate and be ready to learn. It is also important for our bodies, helping us grow, repair and be healthy. The children made posters to show different facts.

Fabulous afternoon for our Invasion quiz! Absolutely blown away by the amount of facts, vocabulary and knowledge retained by the children. Well done to all the Y3/4 children.

After thinking about the every day lives of the Vikings and learning about the roles of men and women in their society, Class 2 considered the roles of men and women in today’s society. The children made a list of what they considered to be male and female jobs, then we discussed the list and thought about whether we had seen members of the opposite sex doing these jobs or if they could do those jobs. It was a fascinating discussion and we decided that there were no such things as boy jobs and girl jobs and that we can be anything we want to be!

What an incredible response to pour appeal for products for Ukraine. Gipsey Bridge community you're wonderful! Thank you to The Little Kitchen, Boston, for transporting to Poland for onward distribution to refugees. The children loved dressing in Ukrainian colours. .

Class 2 have been thinking about how to use the Internet safely and how it can be a positive resource for all sorts of reasons. We then moved on to thinking about ways we can potentially be mislead by others on the Internet. This includes strangers posing as friends, scams on banking or purchasing sites and misinformation on research and information sites. The children had some brilliant ideas to avoid these potential problems, such as only sharing passwords with trusted adults (Mrs Clarke advised them to always share their passwords with their parents/carers) and is checking a person is who they say they are before accepting a request/talking to them online. 

The inaugural Infinity Academy (Spilsby Primary, Gipsey Bridge and Boston St Nicholas) end of project quiz was an absolute hit! All questions were an ideal opportunity to retrieve knowledge, apply understanding & demonstrate skills. A lovely community feel across our Infinity family too.

Amazing effort from Class 3! The children created their own enterprise project by running stalls alongside our Christmas Fayre. A fantastic range of ideas from sporting games, chocolate tombola to clothes and book stall. The children managed to raise a mammoth £290 which will be shared equally between school and the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The children chose the BHF as they had learned so much about the charity through their Blood heart project.

Fantastic effort from the whole school; showing off their odds socks to mark the start of Anti-bullying week. We also had some great conversations in assembly about how we can continue to grow kindness in our school.

Another ‘super’ week at GBA, a dressing up day for good causes to support Red Nose Day.

Celebrating individuality and uniting against bullying for this years ‘Odd Sock Day’

Gipsey Bridge pupils also out in force to support Children In Need.

Extremely proud of everyone today. We stood outside as a school (socially distanced) and showed our respect and stood in silence for 2 minutes.

Children of all ages from Gipsey Bridge Academy prepared for Remembrance. Parents, carers, staff and the community have been extremely generous in supporting the 2020 Poppy Appeal.