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SEND & Additional Needs

At our Academy we believe that all children are special and that meeting every pupil’s needs is a shared responsibility. We believe that parents should work in partnership with the school in order to support their child’s needs.


If you have any concerns about your child's progress, we encourage you to speak to the school so that we can work together.  

For information on how children with additional needs and/or disabilities (SEND) can be supported in school, please refer to the flowchart documents and/or click the links below.

Gipsey Bridge Academy Local Offer

Gipsey Bridge Academy - SEN Information Report

SEND Policy

For details on our SEND Policy please access the Policy and Performance Data Page

Accessibility Plan


Please access from our Policy and Performance data page

We are a small school with a Victorian house forming the main part of the school and then additional buildings having been added at later dates.  We do our best to meet all visitors needs, however there are part of the building that are challenging due to their restrictive design.


Pupils and Visitors with Disabilities


The school has provided resources to allow pupils and visitors with disabilities to our school to be safe and access as much of the building as possible.

  • All areas within main school on one level.
  • Doors fitted with viewing panels


If you are wishing to visit please do call the school.

If you require a hard copy of any of these documents please feel free to print off this PDF version or pop in to school for a copy.

Miss Drury is the school's SENCo, below is a contact form to contact via email or phone the school on 01205 280240