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At Gipsey Bridge, we teach DT because it allows our children to investigate and evaluate existing products and know about the jobs/ processes/ mechanics that went into making them.  We want them to develop subject specific vocabulary that helps them to explain what and why they are doing what they are doing.  We want our children to develop a range of skills that they can apply to real life, to follow a plan, develop problem solving skills and resilience, work independently or with others and learn to evaluate their work. 

Class 2 looked at the packaging for a variety of foods. Thinking about the work we have been doing on teeth and the effect of too much sugar in our diet, we analysed the packaging to see how much sugar is in one portion of each of the foods.

Class 2 followed different recipes to make healthy lunch box ideas. We talked about the different ingredients, identifying the healthy ones and the ones we should be eating in moderation (e.g. cheese and mayonnaise). We had a very successful afternoon, making cheesy coleslaw pittas, hummus salad wraps and a tasty bean and tuna salad!

Class 2 recreated Cornelius Drebbel's submarine, using the principle that if there was air inside our model, it would float and if the air was compressed, it would sink. Using a straw, some Blu Tac, some water and a plastic bottle, we saw this effect working perfectly! We trialled the model in a cup of water to make sure there wasn't too much or too little Blu Tac, meaning that the model could float. We then transferred it into the full bottle, sealed it and squeezed (very hard!) to see the effect on the model when the air in the straw was compressed. It sank to the bottom and then floated straight back up to the surface when the pressure was released. It was so fascinating that even Mr Clarke couldn't resist having a go!

Class 1 thoroughly enjoyed making their own play dough this afternoon by selecting and using different materials. They followed the instructions and added a mixture of herbs to make smelly dough.

In D+T this week, Class 1 have been working hard to design and make some junk model guitars. They had great fun investigating how they could create different pitched sounds using the elastic bands.

Having talked about the ways we can remain hygienic throughout the food preparation process, especially at the moment, Class 2 followed some instructions to prepare some delicious Greek feta pittas! They worked in groups, sharing the responsibilities and roles, including squeezing the lemon juice, cutting the vegetables and mixing the ingredients together. They had great fun and revised the features of instructions at the same time! 

Class 2 have been busy painting their Anglo-Saxon jewellery using acrylic paints. They chose acrylic paint because it would not soak into the clay and it would create bright colours, just like the amber and amethyst we found in research. 

On Monday, year 3 and 4 put their research into action, when they made their own beads to go onto Anglo-Saxon necklaces. They had to think about the properties of the material that they were going to work with - in this case, clay - and decide why it was suitable for the job. After some discussion, it was decided that it was perfect because although it dries hard, it is soft, malleable or mouldable when wet so it would be perfect to achieve the smooth finish of the jewellery.

Week 3 of Class 3's Tomorrow's World topic, saw the children looking at features of a good website. They looked at our Gipsey Bridge site and gave their opinions on the layout and content of it. They gave suggestions as to how it could be improved. The children were tasked with designing their own logo's for a website about anything of their choice. They then had to create a mock homepage using the logo they had created.

In DT, Class 2 have been focusing on relationships and resilience in order to build Anglo-Saxon homes. After so long apart, it was lovely to see the children working together and sharing their ideas! Super DT vocabulary too, “This will make it stronger.”

Using recyclable materials, the children created their own weapons, based on their research. They were asked to focus on the properties of the materials and choose them on the basis that they were strong and sturdy enough to be effective during battle!

In D+T, Class 1 have been designing a Lego enclosure for a Meerkat. The children thought carefully about all of the things the enclosure would need to include in order for the meerkat to survive.

What a fabulous investigation! Class 2 identified the key features of some headphones and discovered which would offer the best soundproofing.