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Week 4

Our writing this week was based on a new genre - non-fiction! We have a new text to study called 'Magic Tricks for Kids' by Charlotte Gibbs and our purpose for writing is to create a set of instructions to perform a magic trick! We have explored vocabulary, grammar and structure over the week, ready to plan our writing!


In DT, we looked at design features of familiar products. We explored products we are familiar with in our day-to-day lives and identified the specific design features and purposes of them. 


In geography we explored the rivers of the world. We looked at a world map and learned the names of specific rivers around the world, learning which countries and continents they flow through too. Following from this, we discovered the reasons why and how rivers are used and who by.


Our art learning this week was exploring mountainous landscapes. We studied a range of famous artists landscape art from over the years and examined the skills and techniques used within the art. We then chose two of our favourites to compare. 


In science we have been observing, measuring and recording changes over time. We had three ice cubes in a cup and we observed its state every 15 minutes, recording the temperature of them too at the same time. We recorded the data for this over two hours.