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Week 5

This week our writing has involved planning, editing and publishing our instructions for our magic trick. 


In REstarted this lesson by exploring the question ‘What do Sikhs believe?’. We watched a video clip all about Sikhs and their beliefs and then considered the following questions: ‘Where do your beliefs come from? Do your beliefs affect the way you live your daily life? Are other people’s beliefs the same as your own?’. We then chose five objects, ideas, activities or personality traits that represent our  identity. We wrote them on a piece of paper, folded it up and put it into a ‘Secret identity’ box. Miss Doran picked out and read the lists at random. We then guessed the identity of the writer and discussed our thoughts on whether everyone’s identity the same.


In Science, we explored melting and boiling points of a range of materials. We researched the melting and boiling points of liquids, gases and solids and discussed questions following from the presentation.


We explored Atmospheric Landscapes in Art this week, using different medias to create landscape images using the foreground, middle ground and background. We used pencils, watercolours and fine line pens to create illusions of space.


In geography we have explored mountains and mountain types. We can explain what mountains are and were able to group different mountain types. We then moved onto looking at topography and contour lines.