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Week 3

In writing this week, we have been planned, crafted, edited and published our writing based on our narrative 'Leon and the Place Between'. We displayed our understanding of SPaG skills and our excellent ability to write creatively. 


Geography this week has been about 'Changing landscapes'. We explored erosion, deposition and transportation and how these features impact the landscapes around us. We watched a video to help our understanding and then worked in groups to create a informative poster expressing our knowledge.  


Our Science learning was about melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation. We explored what happens at each of these process and how states can change. We then looked at water and the use of thermometers.


Our learning continued about Sikhism in RE and we learned about The Five Ks: Kesh is uncut hair, which shows that Sikhs are willing to follow God’s will. Kangha is a small wooden comb, symbolising cleanliness. Kara is a steel bracelet, which shows that God is eternal. Kachera are cotton undershorts, a symbol of faithfulness and Kirpan is a ceremonial sword, which shows that Sikhs are ready to defend the weak. 


In DT we explored different fabrics and their properties. We discovered whether the were natural or human-made.


Our Art learning was 'What a view!'. We used a viewfinder to capture a small piece of landscape that we could see and we then created a sketch in our sketchbooks of what we captured.