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Summer Term 2 2022 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Big cats, small rats, tiny fleas and buzzing bees!

This half term, we’re going to discover that animals come in all shapes and sizes! Meeting an animal expert at the Ark Wildlife Park will allow us to ask and answer questions, share information about the pets we have at home and write a recount all about a real-life experience. We’ll study animal artwork, draw detailed animal pictures to capture their special features and make collages, sculptures and prints. Famous animal fables will make us laugh, and we will have fun reading them aloud. We’ll spot similarities and differences between animals, look at different habitats around the world, build on our knowledge of camouflage and begin to understand how animals adapt to survive. Designing a zoo is even on the agenda!

All of these wonderful learning experiences will help use work towards answering this projects Big Question: What do animals like to eat and where do they sleep?

Week 4



This week, in Science, we looked at the differences and similarities between a lion and the human body. We labelled both and thought about why they are different.

In literacy this week the children have been working hard to use role play to re-tell the story of The Lion and the Mouse.

Week 3

This week in Art the children have spent time discussing different animal art. They thought carefully about how the artworks had been created, the colours used and similarities and differences between the pieces. The children then used chalks to recreate a beautiful piece of whale art.

In science this week the children worked in groups to identify similarities and differences between animals of the same species. The children then presented their ideas to the rest of the class. A great opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills alongside developing scientific vocabulary.

Week 2

This week the children had a super time at the Ark Wildlife Park! Once we returned to school the children worked in groups to create posters describing all of the different animals they saw during the trip and shared facts they learnt about the animals during our tour with Jamie, the zoo keeper.

Week 1 


This week was Sky Arts week. Please go to the curriculum tab to see all of the wonderful things we got up to where we were exploring words and sounds!