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Summer Term 1 2022 - Wriggle and Crawl

This term, we’ll head outside to identify minibeasts in their natural habitat. We’ll write a guide book for other children to use on a minibeast hunt, draw sketch maps of our minibeast hunting area and create minibeast stories and poems. Heading outside, we’ll explore trees and bushes to see what lives there, investigate how far and how fast a snail can travel and create a minibeast habitat of our own. We’ll make models from a variety of materials and use microscopes to observe minibeasts up close. Our ICT skills will help us create a minibeast animation and we’ll observe a beehive through live webcam footage.


All of these wonderful learning experiences will help them to answer this projects Big Question: What insects can be found hiding on the ground?

Week 6




We had great fun opening our envelopes to release pictures of adult and baby minibeasts!


Our aim was to match the adult with the baby. The ladybird was the one that tricked some of us.


In our pairs, we then chose a minibeast to research the life cycle and we drew some fantastic life cycle diagrams.

Week 5 



This week, in Science, we have been learning about how minibeasts protect themselves from predators. 


As a class, we sorted pictures of minibeasts into whether they were using camouflage, mimicry, playing dead or warning colours. We then chose our own minibeasts to explain in more detail about how they protected themselves.



As part of literacy today, the children worked in groups to use different sources to research facts about bees ready to write non-chronological reports later in the week.

Week 4




We have been programming Bee-bots this week and having great fun making them so to the hive, flower and lake!



The children had a great time learning all about how bees make honey today. Then in D+T we tasted some different types of honey and followed instructions to prepare some honey shortbread biscuits! Yum! Yum!

Week 3




We have been learning about how important sleep is for brains, helping us concentrate and be ready to learn. It is also important for our bodies, helping us grow, repair and be healthy.


We enjoyed making posters to show different facts.

In literacy this week the children enjoyed acting out the story 'Arghh Spider! ' We certainly have some budding actors in class one!

Week 1 

In science this week the children had a great time completing a minibeast hunt in the sunshine. They showed wonderful relationships working together to look high and low to see what insects they could spot.