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School Meals (including Free School Meals and UIFSM)

Free School Meal application process


We have our meals delivered by Willoughby Foods Ltd. Children in Reception Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals). Although these are free they still needed to be ordered with Willoughby Foods each week.


For example menus please use the link below:




Message from Willoughby Foods:


‘Quality food from local farmers’

We are farmers and caterers and what really motivates us is good food which is locally sourced, freshly prepared, well presented but above is delicious & nutritious.


Coming from a background of farming we began this whole business based on our desire to make the best of the food all around us.


In March 2005 we were approached by a local primary school Head Teacher to assess the feasibility of providing affordable and well balanced school dinners for his pupils.  In May 2006 Willoughby Foods began providing school meals to local primary schools.  We now serve over 2000 meals per day to schools in the Boston and Spalding area of Lincolnshire.


Willoughby Foods are a local firm employing a small, dedicated team of kitchen and administrative staff who share the passion of providing our children with a delicious meal every day.


Our Mission Statement 'To never lose sight of what our customers want and need. To strive at all times to give our customers the best we can. To constantly maintain the connection between our food and the agricultural heritage all around us. To maintain accountability at all times'.