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Memorable Experience

Memorable Experience


Class 2 began their new History project with a virtual museum in school. They first began by looking at how the Romans fitted in to the World's timeline. Using dated facts they were able to work out the order of events crossing from BC to AD.


They then looked at a variety of artefacts, borrowed from the Collection in Lincoln. At first, they had to guess what the artefact could be and how it would have been used by a Roman. Then they were able to take a closer look at real artefacts and hold some replicas. Some great discussions and guesses were had. 



Everyday Life in Ancient Rome


Class 2 were given the task of finding out about the everyday life of Roman people in Ancient Rome. First of all they had to create enquiry questions, that they wanted to research about. After 5 questions were created then then researched facts to create their own explanation paragraph. This was then shared with the class in a group discussion. 

Everyday life in Ancient Rome