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Weeks 1-7

Week 1




For our memorable experience to begin the History project, Movers and Shakers, we have been learning lots of interesting facts about the local significant person, Sir John Franklin.


We had great fun acting out, in groups, the events of the explorer.


Week 2



In Art this week we have been experimenting with mixing primary colouring to create secondary colours. 



In literacy this week we have begun learning about the Traditional Tale , The Three Little Pigs. We listened to the story and then worked in groups to develop our oracy by re-telling the story using expression and prosody. 

Religious Education


To begin our new RE project, the Hindu celebration of Navrati, we planted some seeds.

People of the Hindu faith start Navratri by planting seeds and making offerings to God. After nine days, they cut off the small shoots and offer them to the goddess Durga. 


We then started to think about what God is like. We drew pictures of our thoughts and compared them to others. They were all very different. We then looked at some of the Hindu Gods.

Hindus believe in one God but see God in different ways. 

Week 3 


This week in history the children have been identifying significant individuals and categorising them according to their impact. We spent time discussing why each person was significant and and after completing some research about each person, we decided if they were a scientist, artist, activist, explorers or a monarch. 



To delve deeper into Sir John Franklin's adventures, we began to look at the impact that he had and what we can learn from his exploration.

Week 4

Religious Education


In RE this week, we have been learning about the story of Durga and the Buffalo Demon. We then learnt a dance which portrays the Hindu story.

Durga and the Buffalo Demon Dance

Still image for this video



In History, we recapped all of the significant people and thought about their impact and how they helped people. We then used a diamond ranking diagram to sort them into the most significant down to the least significant. We all had different ideas to where they should be positioned and we had lots of discussion and debate about our choices.

Week 5

Design and Technology


This week, the children have used their knowledge of different food groups to cook and prepare a healthy school meal - a delicious vegetable casserole!



In History this week, we have been producing a timeline and placing our significant people on it. We worked together as a class and then produced our own.

Week 6

Religious Education


This week, we have been learning all about Puja and how the Hindus worship specific Gods and Goddesses during this time.


During Navrati, Hindus mainly worship the Goddess Durga to thank her for defeating the Buffalo Demon. They also decorate plates in order to use for Puja so we had great fun decorating our own.

Week 7

Religious Education


One of our RE lessons required us to plan a celebration. We came up with the very good idea to link it with Halloween as our school had already planned a dress up day to raise money for the school.


We planned for party food, music, games and dancing! We had so much fun!