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How do plugs work?


We had great fun being electricians this week!


We took wired plugs and unscrewed the plug case to reveal what was inside. We learned all about the function of the three wires and why every plug has a fuse. We reflected on previous lessons and discussed the material used for the plug case and flexible cable and related to whether they are conductors or insulators. We were all really pleased that the cable and plug had a plastic covering as we know that this is an insulator and protects us from the electric current.

What conducts electricity?


To begin this project, class two experimented with circuit components in groups to try and make complete circuits to make a bulb light up. We also included a motor and a switch.


We then thought of objects and materials that we would like to test in the circuit to see if they let electricity flow through them. We know that these materials are conductors and have low resistance and those that do not allow electricity to flow through are insulators and have high resistance. 


We made a prediction for each material and then tested it out. We were very excited when we included the lockers as part of our circuit and the bulb lit up!

We have had a busy week this week in Science! We had great fun testing our hearing. We played music at a low decibel up to music at a high decibel. Each time we played a quiet or loud sound, we measured how many steps we could get away from the sound source until we could no longer hear it. We concluded that the louder the sound, the further away we were able to hear it.

Super understanding from class 1 to know that all animals needs water, food, air and shelter to survive.

In science we have been learning about food chains. We have investigated what foods butterflies like to eat and made some butterfly food to see how many butterflies came to visit. We have also spent time creating our own food chains.

This week, year 3 and 4 have been labelling different parts of the ear and matching their function.

Class 2

We carried out lots of experiments this week to understand how sound is made.  We recorded our observations using labelled diagrams and written explanations.     We found it fascinating when the rice bounced on the cling film when we made a loud bang nearby and it was great that we understood how and why this happened.

In Science, class 2 looked at the volume of different sounds. Using sound meters, we listened to sounds we could hear around the school and recorded the volume in decibels. We also had great fun making loud sounds with the musical instruments!