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Plant Nutrition and Reproduction

We began our topic on Plant Nutrition and Reproduction by talking about what we already know about plants, how they grow, what they need to be healthy and the parts of the plant. We labelled the parts of a tomato plant and looked at real plants and tomatoes. We are hoping our tomato plants will grow outside our classroom in growbags so we can eat some of the tomatoes they produce.

We then investigated the way in which water is transported in plants. We talked about the two main functions of roots and looked at different plant roots using magnifying glasses. We discovered there are two main root types -taproot and fibrous roots and the roles they play in plant growth.

Following this we looked at plant stems and completed an investigation to identify the vessels within vascular plants. We placed sticks of celery with leaves into coloured water and left it over night. The celery sticks absorbed the coloured water up its vessels which could then be seen easily.