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At Gipsey Bridge, we teach Geography to develop our children's geographical knowledge, skills and subject disciplines. 

Class 1 completed their innovate challenge for our final lesson have Geography for this term. We needed to carry out an enquiry, looking at human and physical features within our local area. We had great fun exploring the village, then reported back what we had seen and organised them into human and physical features.

Class 3 have been continuing to ‘Investigate our World’. The children learnt about time zones, climate zones, biomes and human geography.

Class 1 have been looking at different types of settlements. The children investigated the features of a village, town and city and discussed their differences and similarities. We then had great fun in groups designing our own village, town or city, including the relevant features within each.

Class 2 have been data analysts. The children spent five minutes on the playground, analysing the passing traffic and noting all of the vehicles that we saw. Together, we then discussed our findings and concluded that Gipsey Bridge is very quiet (unless a tractor is passing!), safe for pedestrians as there is a footpath all the way through and clean - we only saw one piece of litter! We compared this to some other locations with data we had in the classroom and were very pleased with how Gipsey Bridge compared!

Class 2 have been learning about Stonehenge, as an example of a pre-historic monument. The children wrote about what they had learned: its uses, materials and nearby landscape.

Class 2 worked to develop those all-important relationship and teamwork skills by reading maps to locate countries, rivers and mountain ranges.

Class 1 have been looking at maps and identifying both human and physical features on them. This week, the children have been using directional language. In pairs, we were given instructions for different routes and had to give directions to our partner using forwards, backwards, right and left.

Class 3 have been researching African countries. The children chose one to investigate and presented a double-paged spread on its location, population, climate and physical features.

In Geography this week class 1 enjoyed a lovely sunny walk around the village spotting Human features along the way.

In Geography, Class 1 have been learning all about the Physical Features of the United Kingdom.

Class 2 researched the Great Barrier Reef. We found out that it in off the North-East coast of Queensland, Australia. Using the iPads, we took a tour of some of the islands off the coast of Australia, which helped us to picture how huge the area is that the Great Barrier Reef sits in.

In Geography this week the children in Class 1 have been exploring our school and their locality and making maps.

Class 2 have been looking at images of the world at night. Using the patterns of light, we located the brightly lit cities in the United Kingdom on Google Earth.

Class 2's geography task over the past two weeks has been to carry out a survey. We wanted to know more about what people at home do for a living. A lot of us asked specific questions at home and as a class we were able to collate this information, making a tally chart. It was necessary to create categories for the different jobs due to there being such a wide range. We worked very hard to display this information in graphs and in addition to discussing the job types, we also explored how far people travel to work. The greatest distance was 150 miles!

In geography, Year 5 and 6 labelled a map of Mexico with the states and notable cities. They looked at where Mexico is in relation to other countries of the world.

Great map work from our explorers in Class 3- using atlases, maps and photographs to analyse Egypt.