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Week 9

The Secret of Black Rock

We have continued to study this text in our writing lessons. We have focused on structure, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary this week. We shared key parts of the text together and gathered vocabulary. The structure of the text has been analysed to help us with understanding a planning structure to use. 


We were lucky to have the opportunity to have a special art session this week. This was to produce Christmas cards for serving medical personnel who are out of area of the festive period. 


In geography we have been learning about National Rail. We know that Britain's railway network links major towns and cities across Britain and are sometimes linked to ferry interchanges and airports. We have been able to describe a range of human features and their location and explain how they are interconnected.


We have continued our history project this week and have explored Viking raids at Lindisfarne. We considered the enquiry 'What can we learn about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne from primary sources of evidence?'.