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Week 10

This week we became authors! We have been able to craft a written outcome in our writing lessons, planning our own narrative to then write it! We have had the chance to evaluate, revisit and edit our work too to make further improve our work. Next week we will have a chance to 'publish' our work by sharing our narratives with Class One.


In our art lessons we explored a range of yarn. We looked at a variety of textures, colours and types, including those from an animal source (merino and angora), human-made (polyester and nylon) and plant-based (bamboo and cotton). We sorted the yarns into groups according to visual or textural elements, for example, colour groups, textures or thickness. 


In geography we learned about the canals of Britain. We know that canal is a managed waterway and in Britain, canals were built during the Industrial revolution  to transport raw goods. We know the use of canals declined as railways and roads were developed and today, canals are mostly used for recreation and leisure.


Surrender or fight back? In history we recap previous learning and then learned that Viking attacks continued for the next 60 years before the Vikings settled permanently in Britain. We considered questions such as ‘What do you think the Anglo-Saxons did when the Vikings started to settle? Do you think they surrendered their homes, goods and land or do you think they fought back? Why do you think that?’. We then read The Anglo-Saxons battle the Vikings information sheet to help with our discussions and use as evidence to answer the question: 'Did the Anglo-Saxons surrender to the Vikings or did they fight back?'.