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At Gipsey Bridge Academy, we use the White Rose Maths schemes of work which promotes a balanced approach to fluency, problem-solving and reasoning.   


We want our children to enjoy all aspects of Maths; from their understanding of Number, to Shapes, Graphs and beyond, using concrete, pictorial and abstract stages of learning.


Year 4 have a busy week ahead of them, exploring area of shapes! They made a great start today, getting outside and thinking about the different ways they could measure the area of rectilinear shapes.

Class 2 have been exploring ways to divide 100 by 2, 4, 5 and 10. We found lots of ways to do this using different methods which included base 10 apparatus, place value counters, partitioning and dividing a hundred square. It was also a real test of our ability to work together well in groups.

Class 2 started the week using different Maths apparatus to support our division. To divide by 3 or 4, we made triangles and squares. This helped us to easily identify the remainders.

So much magical maths already taking place in Reception's magic shop role play this term. This number 2 potion was turning children into frogs!

Reception used their money skills today to purchase biscuits at snack time. They found different ways to make different amounts using the plastic money. Great coin recognition everyone

Year 2's have been learning how to read a temperature for their maths . We found a box of forehead thermometers and enjoyed reading each other's temperature. We then used a different thermometer to see how cold the tap water was. Great job guys

Year 1 have been resilient this morning working very hard on their subtraction. They've been introduced to a new method.

Y1 showing off their ordering number skills.