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Beautiful Botanicals



To begin their new companion project Class 2 engaged in some weaving. First they learned the vocabulary associated with weaving and then had a go at using the equipment to make their own creation. 


Ask your child which is the warp and which is the weft when weaving. 


Botanical Artists


The next lesson within the companion project required the children to experiment with botanical artwork techniques. First they had to find their sample plant,  then sketch the item as a whole piece, next required magnifying glasses to zoom in on the finer detail of the plant's leaf, stem or petal and sketch as accurately as possible. The final part was to view each other's work, comparing the pencil strokes and the detail captured by the artist. 


Ask your child what importance botanical artwork has. 

Botanical artists

In the style

Class 2 created their own illustration today. Using guidance from a professional artist, they first sketched the piece. They then mixed colours in a palette to find a matching tone. Next with precise brushstrokes they created the finished picture. 


Ask your child which kind of paint they used for their artwork.

In the style

2 Colour Printing


Class 2 created 2 colour pieces of artwork today. Using fern leaves they painted the fronds with their chosen colour. Next they placed the leaf between 2 sheets of paper and used a roller to take a print. They then repeated the process adding a different colour, and laying the leaf at an angle to make the detail stand out. 


Ask your child what items printing can be used upon. 



Fern 2 colour printing

Fruit inspired botanical artwork


Class 2 have been busy preparing for their forthcoming art exhibition, where they will showcase their amazing creative talents and artwork from the companion project. 

Today's work followed a fruit inspired theme and allowed the children to experiment with a technique; using sketching and watercolour paint skills in the innovative challenge. 


Ask your child- how to successfully work with watercolours. 



Fruit inspired artwork

Wow Event


Class 2 showcased their learning this week, with an exhibition to celebrate all their artwork in the Beautiful Botanicals companion project. The children hung all their own art pieces and added an explanation of their work to help family and friends understand the different skills and techniques they had used. 

Beautiful Botanicals Exhibition