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Class 2

Class2 launched their project with a trip to Flag Fen. During their trip, they explored all kinds of pre-historic aspects, from tools to settlements, to food and more! In the morning, we had the opportunity to handle different artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

Class 2 started their new project by investigating forces. They learned that all forces are either a push or a pull, so they looked into what happens when we both push or both pull. The children found that when the forces were equal and opposite, we were balanced.

A great big thank you to all of the adults that attended our WOW event this week. It was a brilliant way to conclude our companion project, Warp and Weft, and we all had such a great time creating our weaving for our wall hangings. Well done Class 2!

Class 2 hosted one of the most memorable WOW events I've had the pleasure of organising! We loved getting messy to finish off our #burpsbottomsandbile project. I think the grown ups secretly enjoyed it too!

A fantastic day for Class 2 on their trip to Natureland in Skegness. The children explored the huge range of marine creatures to complement their ‘Blue Abyss’ project, including tropical animals, an aquarium, penguins and seals. The children thoroughly enjoy observing and learning all about them.

Lovely afternoon in Class 2, following a recipe to fill our Greek pittas! Super way to embed our understanding of instructions, launch ‘Gods and Mortals’ and, of course, fill our tummies!

We’ve had a wonderfully arty day launching our new project, ‘Urban Pioneers’! So many art skills being developed, with photography, sketching, pastels, charcoal and watercolours! Look at these amazing results and happy, proud faces!

Today, Debbie from Lincolnshire Music Service came to Class 2. She played her viola, violin and cello & the children got to use their newly-learnt music terminology! Super questioning and amazing live music! Thank you LMS! (And Rachel Jeffery for the contacts!)

What a memorable way to start a new school year and Playlist project. We had a fantastic time during our memorable experience, listening to live guitar music played by Mr Booth. We rocked the morning away and some of us even created our own rock bands.