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Is that my egg? - Spring Term 2

Reception Project: Is that my egg? – Spring 2 2022


This half term we are learning to be detectives. To launch our topic, we will put our detective skills to the test with a Top-Secret event!


Throughout the rest of the term we will be comparing environments, types of eggs and learning about the life cycle of different animals as we try to solve our very own egg mystery.

Our DT project this term is to design and make an egg. The children will need to use the knowledge and skills they have gained during the term to decide on the type of egg they will make and the animal that hatches it.


At the end of the term we hope to showcase the eggs alongside our designs and finally celebrate with an egg hunt where we will be solving clues and riddles.   

Week 6


This week we are learning about dinosaurs! The children recapped their comparing skills and all of the language we have learnt so far this term. We then used this to design our very own dinosaur eggs. The children had to explain why they had chosen the colours and textures and whether their egg had any special feature to keep it safe. As a class we then evaluated our eggs. We talked about what we thought was good and what we could make even better.


At the end of the week we learnt all about Easter and the children enjoyed taking part in a class Easter egg hunt to celebrate the end of our topic. 

Week 5 


This week we learnt about penguins. As a class we talked about the weight and size of penguin eggs and compared these to the other eggs we had learnt about so far. 

We  also enjoyed reading the story 'And Tango makes 3'. We talked about the characters, the setting and how the characters were feeling. While reading the story we also discovered how penguins make their nests. 


In maths we learnt about weight. We read the story 'Balancing act' retelling it with our own toys and using our bodies to pretend to be scales. In play we then enjoyed exploring balance scales in the sand, creating our own seesaws and balance cars with large construction materials and ordering objects by weight. 

Week 4


This week we learnt about frogs, sharks and octopus. The children learnt about the special ways each egg was different to protect it and we compared the colour, texture, size and shapes to add to our "Is the my egg" clue cards. We then played a guessing game where the children had to select the correct egg that matched the creatures clues. 

While learning about animals that live in water we also explored floating and sinking.

In maths we learnt about solid shapes. We explored the properties, printed the faces and sang solid shape songs to help us to remember the names. 

Week 3 

This week we have learnt all about Turtles. As a class we read the story 'I'll follow the moon', watched a video of turtles hatching on a beach and learnt about their life cycle. In PE we also acted out the life cycle through dance and in Music created turtle music to dance to.


In maths this week we have been exploring patterns and 2D shapes. 


In phonics we have recap the sounds we have learnt so far and use them to read and write longer words, words with more than one diagraph and read longer sentences. 


As part of our circle times this week we have also learnt about keeping our teeth healthy and the fruits and vegetables food group. 

Week 2

This week we have been learning about chicken eggs. We explored real eggs by looking at their shape, colour, texture, size and by cracking them open to see what was inside. We learnt about the life cycle of a chicken, watched a video of chicks hatching and acted out the different stages as a class. Later in the week we created a class collage to create a giant lifecycle on the carpet. 


In Maths this week we have been learning all about the number 10. The children have been practising their 1:1 correspondence and starting to explore number bonds to 10. 


In PE this term we are dancing! The children are learning to change their movements using emotions and by style of dance. This week we loved performing  the wheels on the bus in a rock and roll style!


We have also enjoyed celebrating Pancake day and World Book Day this week.

World Book Day

Week 1 


This week we launched our topic with a top secret mission. The children loved being detectives and solving the mystery of the missing cookies!


Later in the week the children looked at and compared lots of different eggs. We talked about the similarities and differences and sorted group of animals that hatched from eggs and those that were born.

World Book Day Dance Workshop - Where the wild things are.


What a fantastic time we had listening to and performing this fabulous story. We were incredibly proud of how well the children joined in the and progress they had made since our Diwali workshop in the Autumn Term. 

Where the wild things are 1

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Where the wild things are 2

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