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Week 3

This week, in writing, the children started by looking at parenthesis and the different ways that it can be shown and how it can be punctuated. The children have also looked at dialogue and speech and how it can move narratives on. The children then used it to act out and write a short piece on the villagers in the pub in the Lighthouse film we have been watching and working from.


In geography, the children started to look at indigenous people of the Arctic. They chose one of the groups and did some further research in them to find out things such as the language they speak, the areas they live, what homes they live in and what their culture is.

The children also started to look at how animals are classified and the different ways in which they can be identified.


In R.E, the children continued with the Buddhist theme of Paranirvana. They looked at life after Buddha's death and at how countries and religions around the world hold different types of funerals.


In PSHE, the children talked about keeping safe online and benefits and dangers of the internet.