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Childhood- Autumn Term

Our project this term is called "Childhood" and is a History focused project. Within our History learning this term, the children will learn all about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources. In science this term the children will be learning about everyday materials and in Art the children will be experimenting with colour mixing. We are also going to be exploring our wonderful world in Geography this term with Mrs Naghen. 


Be sure to follow our learning journey by checking our class page for weekly updates! :) 


All of these wonderful learning experiences will help use work towards answering this projects Big Question: What was life like for your parents and grandparents when they were young?

Week 12


Design and Technology


What a brilliant end to our Design and Technology project, Shade and Shelter, we have had by completing out Innovate challenge.


We designed, made and evaluated a play den. There were three criteria that we had to follow:


1) The play den needs to be stable and sturdy.

2) It needs to fit three/four children in.

3) It needs to be inviting to make people want to come in.


Using cosy items that we brought in from home, we created our play dens in groups and had great fun playing inside of them.


To make our day even better, we snacked on our decorated biscuits and watched part of a Christmas movie from our play den.




Week 11

Design and Technology - WOW Event


Designing a shelter for Foxy


We had great fun during our WOW event this week. Last week, in pairs, we designed a shelter for Foxy. The design criteria was to provide somewhere where he could be sheltered from the sun and wind, it had to be sturdy and something that he needed to be able to in and out of easily. 


We tried to follow our design to make our shelters, selecting our materials carefully and we were really pleased with our end results.


A huge thank you to our adult helpers who came to help us build. Foxy is one lucky boy!

In History this week the children worked in groups to create presentations to decide if they think it would be better to be a child now or in the 1950's. It was lovely to hear the children drawing on al of their knowledge from the project about life in the 1950's and reflecting on how it was different to life today.

In science this week, the children have been identifying how our different senses keep us safe from danger.

Week 10 

In Science the children have enjoyed exploring their senses and discussing what body parts are associated with our 5 senses.

Week 9




This week, we have completed our innovate challenge for our final lesson have Geography for this term. We needed to carry out an enquiry, looking at human and physical features within our local area. We had great fun exploring the village

We then reported back what we had seen and organised them into human and physical features.

Week 8 



In Art this week the children have enjoyed starting their new companion project, Funny Faces and Fabulous Features. They have begun by learning about portraits and self-portraits and created their own self-portraits using lines and shapes.

In History this week the children have been investigating toys from the past in preparation for writing their own information texts all about toys.

Week 7

This week in History the children have been looking at what life was like in the 1950's in more detail and comparing it to their lives now.

Week 6



This week, in Geography, we have been looking at different types of settlements.


We investigated the features of a village, town and city and discussed their differences and similarities.


We then had great fun in groups designing our own village, town or city, including the relevant features within each.



In RE this week we spent time thinking about why we celebrate birthdays and why they are special. This is all in preparation to find out more about a person who is special to Muslims, Muhammad, whose birthday is celebrated during a festival called Milad un Nabi.

In science this week the children have been sorting objects into Venn diagrams based on their properties.

Week 5 


In literacy this week we have been learning all about Non-Fiction texts. We spent time looking at a range of non-fiction texts and talking about how they are organised. The children then worked in pairs to see what features they could spot.

In History this week we have been creating family trees!

This week in Art the children have continued to use what they have learnt about primary and secondary colours to create some super patterns.

Week 4 

This week in History the children have been describing an important event in their own lives. They shared a photograph or object that symbolises their chosen important event with the rest of the class. As well as allowing the children the opportunity to use language related to the passing of time, this was also a lovely opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills.

Week 3




As part of our companion project, Our Wonderful World, we have been looking at maps and identifying both human and physical features on them. 


This week, our focus has been on using directional language. In pairs, we were given instructions for different routes and had to give directions to our partner using forwards, backwards, right and left.

After following the given instructions, our task was to create our own. We had to use the arrows and write the directional language onto our instructions then we tested them out by using our toy dog. It was great fun!

Week 2

This week in Art the children have continued to learn about the primary and secondary colours. The children used their knowledge of primary colours to complete their own colour wheel.

Week 1

In Art this week the children have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing using the primary colours.

In RE this week the children learnt that Harvest time is a time for Christians to say thank you to god. We talked about how they might say thank you for helping them grow crops in the field and fruits and vegetables. We spent time thinking about how the crops from the fields are used and different ways we can use fruits and vegetables. The children spent time thinking of different used for flour and apples and then were very excited to taste some yummy apple crumble!!