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Week 1



In history this week the children began learning about British and English Monarchs and rulers. We spent time learning about the different historical periods of times and discussed which monarchs ruled during which period. The children then worked in groups to create a timeline of monarch for a given time period. 



We began our Design and Technology project this term by exploring a range of everyday home products made from fabrics, including tea towels, pillowcases, cushions, tea cosies, tablecloths, toiletry bags, slippers and peg bags. The children handled and explored the items, describing what the product is, what it does, what fabric it is made from, and describing any fastenings that it may have. The children spent time looking at each product's seams, stitching, fabric and finishing's and began making suggestions about how each product could be improved. 


Key questions:

From what fabric is this item made?

How many parts does it have?

How is it joined?

How is it fastened?

Who might use this product and why?

Do you think this product will work well?

How could you improve this product?’