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Week 8

We have had an excellent start to the term, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to continue with learning. 


The Secret of Black Rock!

This is our new text we are studying in our English lessons. We have started with Stage 1 of our writing process this week which has been all about engaging with the stimulus. We have been introduced to the text, explored its structure, form, purpose and intended audience, used drama activities to deepen our understanding and immerse in the text and explored and gathered key vocabulary from the text, ensuring we know the meaning of new words with the ability to apply these accurately.


We completed our DT project by evaluating our healthy packaged snack that we made. We rated it out of 5 and explained what we enjoyed about the process, what we included on the labelling and any improvements we would make next time. 


We learned about renewable energy in our geography lessons this week. We learned that renewable energy includes solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy and bioenergy and humans use natural resources to make energy. Natural resources such as coal and oil cannot be replaced and are non-renewable. We watched a video and read an information sheet to help us gain this knowledge.


Warp and Weft - this is our new Art and Design project. We have been introduced to this and looked closely at the 'Chronology of weaving' sorting cards to order the examples chronologically using our knowledge of historical periods to help.  We then carefully made observations of the artform as it develops over time, referring to the use of colour, pattern, materials, style and technology.