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Week 6

This week, the children finished writing their diary from the point of view of a farmer. In their diaries, the children used the knowledge that they have learnt during the term.


In geography, the children have been learning about climate zones, citrus farming in California, Coffee growing in Peru and how far our food travels.


On Tuesday afternoon, we had our culture afternoon. We chose Greece as our country. During the lesson, the children learnt various things, such as capital city, animals, bordering countries, famous landmarks and food. The children also got to sample some Greek food. They tried pitta bread, hummus, tzatziki, olives, feta cheese, biscuits and baklava.

Culture Afternoon

On Friday, as part of our ‘Go red in Feb’ day, Danielle Balham came into school to do some painting with the children and to  give them some key rings and fridge magnets from the Heart Link charity that has been helping her family. The children thoroughly enjoyed decorating their hearts. 

Heart link painting