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Animal Safari - Summer Term 1

Animal Safari - Summer Term 1


In the Animal Safari project, the children will learn about incredible animals that live worldwide. They will explore various animal habitats and compare the animals that live there with animals in their locality. They will learn how to care for pets and what all animals need to grow, survive and stay happy and healthy. They will explore animal features and find out how they survive in the wild. They will compare the ways that animals are similar and different.


Our big question this term is: Which animal could it be?

Week 5


This week we have been looking at different habitats and climates. The children have loved creating our own role play and small world habitats outside and painting landscapes. 

In guided reading this week we read 'Look after us'. We talked about the reasons that some animals are endangered and the ways that we can help to look after them to ensure that they do not become extinct! As our process challenge the children then created posters to display around the school to tell others how we can help.

Week 4


This week we began looking at amazing animals around the world! We learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and how to identify if an animal was a bird, mammal or a reptile. The children began sorting and identifying them in their play and in the stories that we are reading. 

In guided reading this week we read a poem called 'Song of the biggest and smallest bird'. As our process challenge the children enjoyed learning about the longest and shortest animals. We used a trundle wheel or ruler to measure the lengths of animals on our playground. 

Week 3 

This week we started with a visit from a veterinary nurse Gemma. We learnt all about microchips and how animals are cared for at the vets. We also enjoyed putting bandages on our toys, trying on gowns and caps, and giving medicine (water) to her toy dog. 

We also learnt about how animals can help people. We enjoyed watching an episode of Dog Squad and find out all about guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, emotional support dogs, disability assistance dogs and hearing assistance dogs. 




Week 2

This week we have been talking about our pets. We created a pictograph to show the different types of pets we have in our class. We learnt about how to care for them and discovered the common things that all animals need. 


In Guided reading this week we read "If dogs could talk." We then created a class poem using words we thought our pets would say. 

Week 1 


This week we have been learning about minibeasts. We started by naming them and learning which are insects and which are not. We then went on a minibeast hunt. The children loved searching high and low, collecting them, counting their legs, body parts and talking about how they move. We also enjoyed looking at the butterflies in class one before they were released. We were very shocked to discover that our beetles had started eating a worm so very quickly released all for minibeasts back into our garden. During play we also made a bug hotel!