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Week 11

This week in our writing lessons, we are ready to become poets! We have been exploring a poem called 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We have been identifying and understanding the different layers of meaning within the poem and have explored the poetic structure, purpose and audience. We then explored vocabulary and figurative language used in the poem. We used our performance skills to recite the poem and practise reading the poem aloud to our peers. 


History this week was being introduced to a significant person - King Athelstan.

We started by talking about the difference between the primary and secondary sources, then used the evidence from our information pack to create a profile of the king to answer the question, 'Who was Athelstan and why was he a significant leader?'.


In geography we have started our transport links enquiry. We began by learning the term 'hypothesis'. We then found out that the hypothesis that we are investigating is: ‘The place where we live has good transport links.’ We used geographical resources and will be carrying out fieldwork to investigate this hypothesis. We are continuing this over a few lessons.