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Light and Shadows

Our focus this week has been finding and making shadows of different shapes and sizes. We began by going outside with the I pads, finding and making shadows and taking pictures of them. We found lots of different object to make our shadows along with natural shadows in the environment. We then discussed and came to conclusions about how a shadow is made.

This week we have been focussing on Sun Safety. We have talked about why the light from the sun is dangerous to humans and how we can protect ourselves from its harmful UV rays. For homework, the children produced some amazing, informative posters to help people understand the importance of Sun Safety. We will be displaying these around the school for everyone to see.

In Week 3 we have been looking at the difference between a Light Source and a Reflector. We watched a slide show explaining the differences and then completed an investigation where we looked inside black tubs through small holes to see if we could identify a light source or a reflector. The light source could be clearly seen in the dark but the reflector could not. This is because the reflector needs a light source to make it visible. We then sorted objects into the correct category and drew a table to show our findings.

This term our Science topic is Light and Shadows. This project teaches the children about light and dark. They investigate the phenomena of reflections and shadows, looking for patterns in collected data. The risks associated with the Sun are also explored.

We began by recording what the children already knew about light and shadows from their previous learning. We worked in groups to answer questions related to light. As a class we discussed our answers.

In week 2 we had an amazing time exploring light. We had a carousel of activities which included using torches to make shadows and changing the colour of our light source with colour paddles, making designs on glow-in-the-dark paper and making permanent shadows on cyanotype paper.