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Ready Steady Grow - Spring Term 2

Ready Steady Grow - Spring Term 2


In the Ready Steady Grow project the children will take part in practical activities to explore where food comes from. They will learn what seeds and plants need to grow and grow a variety of plants. They will explore what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, including eating fruit and vegetables. They will find out about life on a farm and about baby animals.


Our big question this term is: Where does our food come from?

Week 1 


This week we have launched our new topic "Ready, Steady, Grow!". Our topic question this term is "Where does our food come from?". We started by sharing everything that we know about farms. We created a big spider diagram with our ideas. The children helped to create a farm shop role play in the classroom, enjoyed playing with the farm small world and began creating a farm yard and barn outside. We have also learnt which foods come from plants or animals, explored fruits and vegetables with our senses and begun to talk about healthy eating.  We are very proud of the vocabulary, curiosity and risk taking that our children showed this afternoon, trying new things and being so enthusiastic and engaged with our new project!