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At Gipsey Bridge Academy, we teach Art to develop our children’s skills and knowledge of visual elements, art forms, artists and art movements. 

Class 3 have been exploring Taotie art. The children had to first sketch an ancient taotie bronze mask. They then had to create their own taotie mask design and make a clay cast. Plaster of Paris was then poured in to the cast. Once it was set, the children had to then carefully peel off the clay from the hardened plaster.

Class 1 have been enjoying 'Funny faces and Fabulous Features. They have begun by learning about portraits and self-portraits and create their own using lines and shapes.

Class 3 began looking at different tints, tones and shades. They were introduced to how make a tiny by adding white to a base colour, a tone by adding black to a base colour and a tone by adding both black and white to a base colour.

Class 2 created a colour composition using our chosen colour palette. We used our knowledge of colour from the Contrast and Compliment companion project to select from warm colours, cool colours, complementary colours, tertiary colours or analogous colours.


Here are our final pieces of art with which we are so proud!

Class 2 have been exploring our new water colour paints, experimenting with how to layer the translucent paints to provide bolder and darker colours.

Class 1 have continued to use what they have learnt about primary and secondary colours to create some super patterns.

Class 1 used their knowledge of primary colours to complete their own colour wheel.

Class 1 learning how to experiment with colour mixing using the primary colours.

Sky Arts Week 

Class one children exploring what range of emotions can be created using their voices!

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Today the children learnt all about how they can use their voices to express different emotions. They listened to Opera music and spent time thinking about how it made the them feel. They them completed some vocal warm up exercises and worked in pairs to explore the range of emotions that can be used within their vocal expression


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As part of Sky Arts week, class one have been exploring words!

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As part of Sky Arts week, class one have been exploring words and performing fairy tale stories in the form of a rap!!


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Class 1 really enjoyed posing for their partners and creating some super portraits of each other holding objects that are important to them. The children thought carefully about their pose and were inspired by royal portraits they had studied earlier in the week. The children used light pencil stokes and remembered to spend time looking before drawing.

Class 2 practised their weaving this week. On their very own looms, they carefully wove their weft through their warp. Some of us found it very tricky to alternative the up and over pattern but we showed great resilience and perseverance.

Class 2 started their companion project by exploring the history of textiles throughout different eras.

Class 2 then investigated different types of yarn and described them according to their appearance, elasticity, texture and shape.

Class 3 used pastels, chalk and wax crayons to represent the different phases of the moon

Class 2 have been practising different techniques using fine line pen and soft pencils. They experimented with atmospheric perspective using paint wash. First, they started with the background and then built up the pigment in the wash so that it became darker in the foreground.

Stunning silhouette art from Class 3 - with images of soldiers, poppies, planes and buildings.

This week we enjoyed comparing work from famous landscape artists. We used some interesting questions to structure our thinking:


  • What can you see in the artwork?
  • Why did the artist select the viewpoint?
  • What is the purpose of the artwork?
  • How has the artist used line, colour and pattern in the artwork?
  • What do you like about the artwork?
  • How are the paintings the same or different?

Class 2 explored what the term landscape means and briefly looked at work from artists, famous for creating landscape paintings. Using our very own viewfinder, we took our sketchbooks outside to find an interesting view in our school environment and made thumbnail sketches

Class 3 created their own abstract paintings, with the theme Blood Red Art.

Some fantastic collaborative pieces of art being completed by Class 1 today! It was particularly lovely to hear the children recalling facts they have learnt about London landmarks this week.

Class 1 had fun had this afternoon during art experimenting with different mediums including watercolours, oil pastels and chalk to create some fantastic observational drawings of lavender. We definitely have some talented artists in the class!

Class 3 exploring examples of Inuit art, sketching their own and making observations about their work, using artistic vocabulary relating to subject matter, shape, form, pattern and colour.

Some snippets of Class 2s Greek pottery designs in progress! We looked at a range of different designs and shapes, before using these to create our own.

Class 1 have been learning the song The Grand Old Duke of York and have been experimenting with mixing primary colours by completing a colour march!

After exploring the buildings around the school in art this week, Class 1 have been using their sketching skills to draw some of our school buildings.

Class 2 started our 3D sculptures by studying the Easter Island statues. We knew that ancient Greece was famous for having lots of detailed, elaborate statues but thought we should start our sculpting journey with something a little less intricate! After comparing the two styles, noting the similarities and differences, we set upon designing and making our own versions. We talked about malleable and rigid materials, and the children were fantastic at calling upon their previous knowledge of clay to define these terms. Today, we needed to make a secure foundation, ready to fix the Modroc onto tomorrow!

Modroc! The children in years 3 and 4 had great fun experimenting with the textures and amount of water they needed to effectively cover their sculptures.

What a creative week we are having in Class 2! Just look at these amazing sketches from our art lesson, building on our techniques from earlier in the year

In Art this week, the children have started learning how to use textile materials to create a simple collage inspire by tiger fur!

After learning all about The Pilgrim Fathers last week, we continued our learning by concentrating on a local landmark, the Boston Stump.    We then used our sketching techniques we have developed during our art lessons to produce an observational drawing of the magnificent structure. We carried out techniques of cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling using a range of different pencil strengths. We used these sketches on our poster to produce some superb results!

What a lovely afternoon class 1 had creating different textures and shades using different pencil.

This week, we started learning about 'Banksy', the famous but secret urban artist. We looked at some examples of their work and discussed what we noticed, such as the black and white colour scheme, the sad theme of each piece and the fact that they were all created outside, on public walls. We also wrote about what we liked and disliked about the art work, giving reasons.


To further develop the charcoal skills that we began investigating last week during our launch day, we decided to use charcoal again today to create the black contrast against the brick work we were using. The results are really effective!


Linking this back to our Big Question and considering that graffiti is actually illegal, Mrs Clarke has asked, "Is this art or vandalism?" We are going to explore this in more detail later in the week.

We’ve had a wonderfully arty day launching our new project, ‘Urban Pioneers’! So many art skills being developed, with photography, sketching, pastels, charcoal and watercolours! Look at these amazing results and happy, proud faces!

This week in Art, class one have been learning all about sketching. The children spent time looking carefully at an image of a Beatle. The children then experimented with using their pencil in different ways to add texture and shading to their drawing.

Class 3 finished their sketches of some of the treasures found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb- they developed their ideas over time through a range of initial sketches before producing the final piece.

In Art and Design, the children designed their own Egyptian nemes (Head dress) and then made it; improving their mastery of art and design techniques.

Our great artists on show in Class 1- using a range of materials creatively to design their own product.

Class 3 finished their sketches of some of the treasures found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb. The children recorded their observations and used them to review and revisit ideas.

Class 2

Having learned different music vocabulary earlier in the week, we listened to some live jazz music and talked about the pitch, rhythm, tempo and volume of the different sounds we could hear. We then thought about different shapes that we could associate with those sounds, explaining why we chose them. Looking at Kandinsky’s artwork for inspiration, we created our own abstract pieces by sketching ideas first and then putting these separate ideas together into a final, colourful piece.