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Week 1

We kicked off our project by doing a knowledge organiser quiz and answering the big question of ' What do you think it would be like to live in the Arctic or Antarctic regions?'


The children then looked at some short videos on both the Arctic and the Antarctic to show what life is like there. They then completed a log as if they had been on an expedition there. Noting down what they saw and experienced.


After this, the children looked at similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctic. They looked at the seasons, temperatures, landscape and wildlife of each region.


The children then looked at Polar day and night and how when it is summer in the Arctic, it is winter in the Antarctic.


We also started our new RE topic - Parinirvana - where Buddhists share the story of Buddha's death and think about their own lives. 


In PSHE, we started the Me and My Relationships strand. This week, the children did a collaboration challenge.