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Class 3

Great WOW event from Class 3. The children prepared PowerPoint presentations of the various aspects of the Shang Dynasty that we have been learning about this term. The children also showed their pieces of clay casting and their topics books to the parents that came.

What a fantastic time Class 3 & Class 1 have had at the space center. We finally got to have our memorable experience from our previous projects.

Class 3 began their new project with a drama workshop entitled ‘Poetry and Poppies’ led by West End in Schools. The children performed different scenarios influenced by World War themed poetry. They recited different verses as actions or freeze frames were created and tried to express emotion through facial expressions.

Amazing to see so many parents for Class 3's WOW event, with the children presenting all of their learning about Blood Heart

Class 3 kicked off the new school year with our memorable experience for our new topic - Blood Heart. We talked briefly about the topic and what we would be doing towards it. The children were then presented with a sheep's heart to handle and dissect! After a few oohs and aahs, the children got stuck in and started to identify parts of the heart. 

A brilliant start to Class 3's residential trip Rand Farm Park. The children having a great first day feeding the animals and sausage making!

We kicked off our Hola Mexico topic with the children listening to a traditional Mexican Mariachi band playing the 'Mexican Hat Song'. The children had to identify the different instruments used in the song and when and for how long each instrument was played. They then compiled a graphic score of the instruments in the song.


The next part of Mexico that the children researched, was Mexican Festivals and Celebrations. Some of these were Dia de la Inpendencia (Independence Day), Fiesta de Santa Cecilia (Festival of Saint Cecilia) and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

The children were welcomed back to school with an Egyptian Workshop to launch their new project. One of the first Egyptians they were introduced to was Thoth - the god of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon. We were then introduced to one of the Egyptian Gods - Akhenaten.