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Ancient Civilisations - Summer Term

The Cornerstones project which will begin in Summer Term will be Ancient Civilisations. This is a History driven project which will teach us about the history of three of the world’s first ancient civilisations: ancient Sumer, ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley civilisation. We will learn about the rise, life, achievements and eventual end of each civilisation.


All of the fabulous learning that will take place over the Summer Term will support us in being able to answer this project's Big Question: 

How was life in the Ancient Civilisations different to ours in modern Britain?


Driver subject Knowledge Organiser:

In addition to our main History project, we will also be studying a range of companion projects throughout the Summer term.


The Science project this term is Electrical Circuits and Conductors. This project teaches children about electrical appliances and safety. They construct simple series circuits and name their parts and functions, including switches, wires and cells. They investigate electrical conductors and insulators and identify common features of conductors. It also teaches children about programmable devices. They combine their learning to design and make a nightlight.

Art and Design

The first Art and Design project is Statues, Statuettes and Figurines. This teaches children about the 3-D representation of the human form, including statues, statuettes and figurines. They study examples from ancient civilisations, and use their clay skills to create a Sumer-style figurine.


The next Art and Design project is Islamic Art. This project teaches children about the features of Islamic art. They make geometric patterns and motifs on paper, with fabric and in clay. They use their learning to create a high relief clay tile, decorated with geometric patterns.

Design and Technology 

The D&T project this term is Tomb Builders. This project teaches children about simple machines, including wheels, axles, inclined planes, pulleys and levers, exploring how they helped ancient builders to lift and move heavy loads.

Religious Education

During the Summer Term we will be learning about two different religious celebrations. The first celebration we will explore is Shabbat, a Jewish celebration. The second celebration we will explore is Eid ul-Adha, an Islamic celebration. 

Below are the glossaries for these projects, listing the vocabulary we will be introduced to.