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Parents Feedback

We regularly seek parents/carers feedback after assemblies, whole-school WOW events and curriculum afternoons. We also hold termly forums where we can discuss a wide range of matters.  Below are a few of our most recent comments.

Amazing comments from Reception's 'Signs of Spring' WOW event.

Our parent notice board, located on the playground; our school community can clearly see how we act upon their feedback.

'Lovely to see the children present their work', 'I really do enjoy thee WOW events', 'It was really great to see the children presenting all their knowledge', 'Entertaining and informative'. Wonderful feedback from Class 3's Dynamic Dynasties WOW event. The children prepared PowerPoint presentations of the various aspects of the Shang Dynasty that they have been learning about this term.

'What a wonderful afternoon', 'It was nice to see the children use their imagination to build their shelter', 'We had a great afternoon, the children really enjoyed themselves!'. Fabulous feedback from our class 1 parents as they joined their children in designing and making a den for Foxy.

Parent Questionnaire Results- Autumn 2022

'It was lovely to see how happy and excited the children were', 'Lovely to see the children in the environment that they are in every day', 'Brilliant!'. Super feedback from Reception's first ever WOW event as they took their parents on a treasure hunt around school.

'Lovely to see the children enjoying singing', 'Wonderful harvest celebration', 'Thoroughly enjoyed the children's performances''. Just some of the brilliant feedback from our Harvest festival celebration. A massive thank you for all your donations which will be sent to the Centrepoint Outreach charity in Boston.

'It was lovely to share everything special', 'Fantastic atmosphere', ''Loved seeing all the art work and sharing the love'. Wonderful comments from our Reception parents following their 'Love Day' party.

Parent Questionnaire Results- Autumn 2021

'It was lovely to see the creative side of the children', 'Very informative', 'I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning about what the children have been covering'. More amazing comments from Class 3s WOW event.

Wonderful comments from our Reception parents after their first WOW event. The children loved showing off their model village and enjoyed creating pumpkin houses to take home.

What a fantastic end to our Bright Lights Big City project! Class 1 had a brilliant time working alongside their parents to make some rather impressive Taxis! Wonderful feedback too!

Class 2 hosted one of the most memorable WOW events ever! They loved getting messy to finish off their #burpsbottomsandbile project. From the amazing feedback comments, we think the grown ups secretly enjoyed it too! Thank you so much for the support; the children loved hearing how impressed you were! 

Parent Questionnaire Results- Summer 2021

Some lovely comments form our parents around our remote learning offer.

Parent Questionnaire Results- Autumn 2020

WOW event feedback

Reception WOW event

Class 2 Map Adventures WOW Event

Erupting Volcanoes in Class Three

Class Three WOW event

Maths feedback from the open afternoon held in November 2017


Let’s play in the water for maths I thought but there were number shapes in there. Then we had pom poms. The children were so happy with all the different ways to have fun learning maths. Really enjoyed my time watching and learning.


Reception and Class One

Some fun and interacting activities for the children to do and enjoy. Liam loved all the activities and showing me how he completed them. My only thing was that the session was on at the same time as class one and I could not participate fully.

Really good to see how the kinds are using the outside space to expand their learning environment. So impressed with how the children are learning and developing. What a great afternoon.


Class Two

It was great to observe the different approached to working out mathematical problems. Lots of excitement around using maths games in the classroom; great!

I thought the children all were fantastic, they taught me a couple of things. They were all so well behaved too.

Lovely way to see how the children are learning.

Really enjoyed learning numberlines and chunking methods still hard for me to understand (being old school). But Charlotte showed me their confident skills, well done. Thank you

The eagerness and enthusiasm seen in the children was wonderful. They are learning o well which is giving them confidence to show us what they have learned. Top work class two.

I was asked what I recognised within the working out of maths problems and what was new to me. Multiplication grids I am familiar with but multiplication using numberlines was new to me.

‘Ah!’ I think I finally understand the methods used! Thank you for showing me your workbooks and the fab film too. Well done and great chunking. Thank you.


Class Three

Brilliant way to see how the children are learning and the methods they use.

Enjoyed my ‘test’ and learned how important times tables are for all aspects of maths and in daily life. Thank you to the children for explaining so well.

What a fun afternoon. Great to see the children having so much fun doing maths.

I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to see how you teach maths in the classroom. Somethings were the same and some completely different to when I went to school over 50 years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Maths afternoon

Class one's WOW event (animal habitat building)

Class one's Wow event (Fairy tale tea party)

Feedback from our Open Maths Afternoon

We asked parents how we could further support them in supporting their child and when was the best time for us to hold events. Below is the feedback:

Class 1's Volcano WOW event.

A message in an end of year card, which made all staff smile and some even cry!


To All at Gipsey Bridge Academy


It is with a heavy heart that I write this, recognising that for our family it is the end of an era.

Thank you all so much for all that you have done firstly for *** and then for ***.  GBA is a wonderful small school and I am truly thankful that both of my children have been touched by the GBA magic!

I don't know how you do it but you leave a special mark on those who pass through your doors; they all take a bit of this magic away with them.

Whatever you do, keep doing it - the village is so lucky to have a wonderful school full of such dedicated staff.

We all want to say thank and wish you continued success in the future.




Feedback from the July 2016 Parent Questionnaire


Parents and teachers are on the same page.


Friendly staff and children.  Approachable teachers,  my child is always happy to attend.  Happy child = happy parents.  Great outdoor area for reception/field.  Small community feel between the children.


Class size, school size, staff, atmosphere, culture.


That it is a small school and everyone feels like family.


Friendly, understand children’s needs, good education.


It’s not too big therefore all the children have more chance to interact with the teachers as and when they need to.


Involvement of parents – strong community feel e.g. Friday assembly, WOW events.  Approachable, knowledgeable staff able to deal with any concerns.  Emphasis on reading and mathletics.


Caring and rural.  Well organised.  Focuses on aspirations.


Small and friendly atmosphere with a strong focus and emphasis on children’s learning journey.

Reception and Class 1's Art Exhibition WOW event

Class 3 Parents' Maths Session

On Friday 15th January, we invited parents and relatives into school to work on maths. Lots of the methods that we use now have changed since the parents were at school, and some of them don't feel familiar enough with them to be able to help with homework. The morning was a huge success! The children showed their relatives methods for the four operations, as well as adding and converting fractions and percentages.

Well done, Class 3; we're all really proud of you and you've received some wonderful feedback!

Tiny Town Fair November 2015


The children in Foundation Stage were pleased to welcome their families to our Tiny Town fair. It was wonderful to see so many people and the children loved sharing their homework projects and learning from through out the term as well as the food  and decorations they had prepared for the day. 


Take a look at some of the lovely comments from our Foundation Stage parents. 

Class one WOW event autumn term October 2015 


As part of our extreme survivors topic this term the children took part in an 'extreme survival day experience'. We had a visit from Mr Westaway, who taught us all we needed to know about survival in the rainforest. As part of the day the children got to work in teams to build their own rainforest survival shelters. 


The next day the children were extremely excited to invite their grown ups to come and look at their fantastic shelters and all their hard work over the term. The children really enjoyed showing off and I think their grown ups were very proud. Myself and Mrs Smart definitely were. smiley

Please see the fantastic parent feedback from the class one autumn term WOW event.

In the Autumn Term 2015, we introduced Mathletics for years one to six.  The pupils have been motivated to complete additional maths learning as a result.  Below is an email received from a parent shortly after it was introduced:


'I would just like to say I am loving the Mathletics as xxx is keen to go on it to increase his score to gain credits to personalise his profile.


Great idea and keeps him off other gaming devices which aren't so beneficial.  He is keen to get perfection in each section so if he gets one wrong has to do again!!  Trying to encourage him to go a bit harder if getting them all right for more of a challenge.


But either way good practise.'


We really want to hear the views of our Parents and Carers so that we can celebrate the things we do really well at Gipsey Bridge Academy and identify any areas for improvement.


Parents can give their views in several ways. We invite parents to complete an annual Parental Questionnaire, we encourage parents to comment when they have visited special curriculum events in school (see below) and parents can complete Ofsted's online ParentView survey at any time. We love to hear your views so please do take the opportunity to share your opinions of our strengths and areas for development.

The first parent drop in of this academic Year 2014-2015. Lots of work to show after two weeks back. Don't forget, you don't need to wait for a drop in evening to come and see what we've been doing!

Parent View screencast

This is a brief introductory video demonstrating Parent View. Parent View is an online facility that allows parents to give their views about their child's school.

Parent Questionnaire Results July 2014

Parental Feedback from Curriculum Events


We regularly seek feedback from our Parents at whole school events, curriculum afternoons and parents evenings. Here are a selection of some of our most recent parents comments.

Foundation Stage - Super Heroes: Protect and Serve.


Take a look at some of the feedback that Foundation Stage parents wrote on Tapestry about about our topic and our visit from the emergency services.

The wonderful parents in Class 1 taking part of our Space Adventure

Still image for this video
The children informed their parents they needed to make their very own space helmets for the flight!

Feedback from Class 1 parents after their Space Adventure! Please note, the fantastic children in Class 1 were the tour guides.

Feedback for Class Three's History Afternoon

Have a look at the fantastic support from our parents - Class 1 Space Adventure Spring 2014


To see more of our topic - The Eagle has landed please click on the link below.