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Covid Contingency Plan Summary for Parents from September 2021

During the Coronavirus pandemic we will be using this page to update you on our current position, actions taken by the Trust and its schools and post links to key Government Guidance.

Infinity Academies Trust Remote Learning Procedures

An annex has been added to the Safeguarding Policy to cover the new teaching arrangements due to Covid 19

Email - 3rd April 

Good afternoon


I hope this email finds you in good health and positive spirits.  It has been an incredibly challenging two weeks for everyone, but I hope the weeks have also been punctuated with things that have made you smile.  I'll be honest, supporting my own son has had moments of frustration but also times that will be remembered long after this is over.  


There will be no new 'home learning' set for the next two weeks as it would have been the Easter holidays.  Instead, I have attached some ideas for activities, most of them will not be new but sometimes it is nice to not have to think of what to do next!  


Once the holidays are over, new learning will be sent out to you and also placed on the website.  We are also exploring of how else we can further support you without complicating things further.  Watch this space!


This will possibly be my last email to you.  I would like to thank you all for being so supportive during my time at Gipsey Bridge Academy.  My email will remain 'live' for the time being should you need to contact me, but I know Mr Clarke, as a friend and colleague, and he will be able to help with any questions or concerns.


Wishing you all good health and happiness. 


Take care

Mrs Tracy Cockram



We will not be sending home learning for what would have been the Easter holidays, however, we will add some activities that are linked to Easter to class pages as suggestions.


Phone calls email, sent 26th March

Good evening

I do hope that your first week at home has been as successful as it can have been in such pressured circumstances.

As a school we are still exploring how we can best support you.  Today, Mr Allison trialled phoning parents to touch base.  Overall the reception was positive, so we will be doing this throughout the school.  The plan is that each family will receive a call from the school once a fortnight.  This call IS NOT to check up on you, but to offer support.  You might want the teacher to speak to your child so they feel involved, you might want to ask a question or just want a general chat as it is someone new to talk to!  We are human, and humans like contact with others!

However, there will be some of you that find this intrusive and not want this to happen.  That is absolutely okay and your choice as a parent.  If you do not want a phone call to be made, please contact the school at the enquiries email or use the contact form at the bottom of the coronavirus page and you can contact me directly.  No judgements will be made, there are a multitude of reasons why you may not want it to happen and that is okay.  The purpose is to support, not create additional pressure.  If for any reason a call is made before you have had chance to inform the school that you do not want one, you can tell the teacher 'No thank you' and end the call - no offence will be taken.

These are very challenging times.  We will not get it right for everyone, but we are trying.  

Wishing you and your family good health.

Kind regards

Mrs Tracy Cockram


20th March 2020- Emergency Childcare

Message from Infinity Academies Trust- As you will have seen in the national news we have been instructed by the Government to keep our schools open but only for vulnerable children and the children of Key Workers. Please see letter on our letter page detailing all our Emergency Childcare arrangements for these key groups. Wherever possible all children should be looked after at home to support the Government's Social Distancing plans to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Please only use our Emergency childcare if you have absolutely no alternatives  and you meet the Government criteria. The schools are closed for the vast majority of pupils.


19th March - added resources

An email has been sent and further resources have been added to class pages.  If you are unsure of anything, please do contact the class teacher or myself using the link on this page or the class pages.


19th March- Infinity School Closures 

In line with the Government announcement yesterday all Infinity Academies Trust schools will be closing from Friday until directed to re-open by the Government. This is to support the national efforts to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The schools will be offering some childcare provision for vulnerable children and those whose parents are key workers. We are awaiting final definitions of these terms and will contact families directly when we know more. For further information about our closures please read the letter sent home and on our letter page.


We wish all our families and children well at this challenging time and please do contact your school's main office if you have any questions.


17th March 2020 - 4pm

We are adding home learning for those who are in self isolation.  Please see your child's class page on the website.  There will be one on every class page by the end of the week.


17th March 2020-11am

Message from Infinity Academies Trust: Following the announcements made by the Government yesterday we have instructed our schools to take further actions to support Social Distancing and reduce non-essential travel. We have asked our schools to cancel any non-essential travel including visits, sporting fixtures and training events. We are restricting visitor access to our schools and will not be holding any in-school events including Governor meetings and parent engagement events. Wherever possible we are limiting time spent in large groups and therefore will not be holding whole school Collective worship or assemblies. We are asking our staff to not attend any out of school training to ensure as many people as possible are available to support children and families in school. We are working closely with our staff to ensure that those who may be vulnerable are taking sensible precautions and will do our best to ensure that our schools continue to run as smoothly as possible for as long as possible. As always if you have any questions please contact the main office at your child's school.


Tuesday 17th March 2020 - 10am

All events, clubs and visitors have been cancelled until further notice.  This will allow us the flexibility to make changes at short notice and further protect the children in our care.


For those self-isolating, we are busy behind the scenes preparing work to send home.


In school we are cancelling whole school assemblies, distancing pupils at lunch and break times and doing all that we can to keep children safe and healthy.


If you are unsure of anything, or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact the school.   I have added a contact link at the bottom of the page so that you can contact me directly in and out of school hours.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


16th March 2020 - after the Government's announcement

The advice has now changed and anyone in the house showing symptoms is being asked that all of the household must self-isolate for 14 days.  The following has been taken directly from the BBC News page:


Whole households to stay at home

  • Prof Whitty said if one person in any household starts to display symptoms, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days.
  • Mr Johnson said the 14-day stay at home advice means people should, if possible, avoid leaving the house "even to buy food or essentials".
  • He said people could leave home to do exercise but should do so at a safe distance from others.
  • Prof Whitty said social restrictions would be "very difficult for people to maintain" but they would be "doing it to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed".


16th March 2020

As you will be aware the Government has now moved from the "Contain" to the "Delay"  phase in its response to the Coronavirus. The advice to schools continues to remain the same but it may change in the comings days.


The current advice is that schools are to remain open and that pupils and staff are to wash their hands regularly and to follow the "Catch it, Bin it, Kill it" guidance relating to coughing and sneezing. We are monitoring closely the Government advice through Public Health England and the Department for Education.


We are currently undertaking a review of all of our work including upcoming trips and events and ensuring that if our schools are asked to close that we have systems in place to make work available to pupils. In this circumstance we will give parents as much notice as possible to make alternative childcare arrangements.


Latest guidance suggests that if your child has a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature then they should self-isolate for 7 days. If your child is not able to come to school please contact the school in the normal way and let us know.


Infinity Academies Trust recognises that these are worrying and unsettling times. The safety and well-being of your children is our number one priority and we will continue to follow Government advice over the coming weeks. We will keep you updated through information on this page. If you have any questions please contact the school.

To contact Mr Clarke directly