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Gipsey Bridge Academy was one of the founding schools of the Infinity Academies Trust. The Trust was established in February 2013 and was developed as a unique model that would allow schools the greatest amount of autonomy and strategies for developing the quality of teaching and learning for all its pupils. The Trust promotes individuality and the right of each school to develop its own strengths and distinct character whilst remaining open to joint projects, a cohesive philosophy and a determination to achieve the best outcomes for pupils.


The Trust operates two distinct hubs in the Lincolnshire and Sheffield areas allowing our schools to develop their practice through both local and regional links. The Trust schools are encouraged to form a range of partnerships with maintained schools and other academies and use these links to share expertise, develop educational research and explore meaningful approaches to teaching and learning.


Schools are welcome to contact Gipsey Bridge Academy, Greengate Lane Academy or the Infinity Academies Trust Website for further information.

The Trust also works alongside a number of maintained schools to share expertise and provide opportunities for staff and pupil development. Currently, we are working closely  Spilsby Primary in Lincolnshire. Visit their website by clicking the links below: