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What's at the top of the beanstalk? Summer Term 1

What’s at the top of the Beanstalk? – Summer Term 1

This half term we are learning about the theatre. To launch our topic, we will have a theatre experience in our classroom where the children will have a chance at being directors, actors, prop technicians and customers.

Throughout the rest of the term we are focusing on the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have lots of alternative versions of the tale to explore and will have fun learning about types of beans and growing.

Our Music focus this term is about using music to show feelings, to represent characters or to tell a story. As a class we will be creating our very own musical story. This will give us lots of language and skills to help create our very own stories about what is at the top of our Beanstalks.

At the end of the term we hope to share our stories with you.

Week 2

We have had lots of fun this week with instructions. We followed instructions to make Jack climb the beanstalk, we gave instructions while making sand cakes, read instructions to make mud pies and even had a go at writing instructions using lots of bossy words.  


In maths we have been reviewing 3D shapes. We have had lots of discussions about the difference between flat shapes and faces on solid shapes. We have been addressing misconception, building flat and solid beanstalks, singing our solid shape songs and going on a shape hunt.


This week we have also been working to create a musical story. Every day we have listened to a different piece of music. We started by deciding on the characters and the setting, we then discussed how the music made us feel, what was happening and worked together to connect the parts of the story.

Week 1 

What a wonderful first we back! We launched our project by planting our own beans, pretending to go to the theatre and acting out Jack and the Beanstalk as a class. We even pretended to buy our tickets,  have an intermission and buy snacks. The children enjoyed this part so much they decided that for their WOW event at the end of term they would like to have real popcorn and sweets.


During the week we also read Jasper's beanstalk.  The children were fantastic at ordering the story, creating actions for each section and even had a go at writing sentences for Jasper's diary.


In maths we have been learning about estimating and in circle time we introduced the Zones of Regulation. We listened to lots of different pieces of music,  discussed how it made us feel and what we could do if we ever felt like that.