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'Tiny Town' - Autumn 1 2019

Week 5 – Firefighters

On Tuesday, the children had a visit from the firefighters. Despite the rain we enjoyed looking around and sitting in the fire engine. We learnt all about the different equipment and clothes that the firefighters used and watched a video about fire safety and escape plans. The children were very sensible and we were incredibly proud of how well they listened and adapted to such a different morning. They particularly enjoyed listening to the loud sirens!

Throughout the week we talked about other ways that we could help to protect ourselves, the children learnt a maths song about firefighters, we had our first 'Squiggle while you wiggle' session to help develop our fine motor control, co-ordination and pencil skills. We also created some Autumnal pictures ready for the Harvest display.

Week 4 – Shops

This week we learnt about the different shops that we might find in town. In our own Tiny Town we had already been enjoying the flower shop and this week we also enjoyed playing in the café where we made playdough cakes, practised mark making skills, developed our relationships and imaginative role-play.

At the beginning of the week we started by reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. The children enjoyed predicting and explaining events. The giant was very kind and in our circle time session with Mrs Smart the children thought of ways that they could show good relationships at school.

During the week, we also explored different types of jelly. We used lots of different texture words, talked about differences and similarities and discussed how the jelly would change as we made it. The children took turns making jelly with Miss Clarke and everyone tried the different flavours once they had set.

Visitors from Lebanon 

We were very lucky to have two visitors from Lebanon in Reception on Thursday. They showed us pictures of their school, staff and classrooms. We learnt lots of different things about their school day and what they do. Take a look at the photos from our visit.

Week 3 – My School

This week we learnt about the different jobs that people do at our school. We enjoyed looking around our school and met Mrs Coney our school business manager. We then role played working in an office and sang a song to help us remember the different jobs that people do. During the week, we also helped Mrs Cockram to find pictures that she had lost outside. We used prepositional language to describe where they were on our hunt.  

Once we had learnt more about our school, we wrote a letter to the Reception children in the other Infinities Academy trust schools to tell them about Gipsey Bridge Academy.

In circle time we talked about feelings, in phonics we practised listening for initial sounds and PE we developed our ball skills.

Child interest – This week the children showed an interest in growing. We opened a flower shop role-play, crafted flowers, explored the seeds in our snack planted some on Welly Wednesday.

Week 2 – My family and my home

This week we discussed the many different families and homes that we might see in ‘Tiny Town’. We learnt about each other’s families and about the types of building people live in.

We read the ‘3 Little Pigs’ and enjoyed making our own buildings and dens with the bricks and den making equipment outside.

The also loved taking part in their first PE session with Mr Curcio and enjoyed Welly Wednesday bug home hunt with Mrs Smart.

Our stories this week “The 3 Little Pigs” and ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr.  

Week 1 - All about me

We are very proud of how well all of the Reception children have settled in during their first week at school! During our first week we have focused on exploring the classroom, getting used to our routines and rules and getting to know each other a little bit better.


All of the children and adults enjoyed sharing our special 'All about me bags' which had 4 objects or pictures from home to talk about. We have also shared several activities, stories and rhymes on colours, shapes, sounds and how different we all are. 


Our new rhyme this week was "Ten Little Fingers and they all belong to me"

Our new story this week was "It's ok to be different" by Todd Parr