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Summer Term - Far, Far Away

Week 3 – ‘The Jolly Postman’

As the children were interested in letters and post and because our topic is fairy tales, ‘The Jolly Postman’ was the perfect choice for our final 2 weeks before transition.

After listening to the story, we started to plan our WOW event, which will be our own version of the Jolly Postman. Each of the children decided which character they would play, what would be delivered to their house and then began to make their front door and collect their props. We had to work hard to listen to each other and make decisions as a team.

In maths, we learnt to name and sort 3D shapes. We had so much fun singing 3D shape songs and hunting for 3D shapes everywhere, especially in our Post Office role play.

Later in the week we wrote an invitation for our grown-ups to come to the WOW event and went for a walk to the post box to send them. We made sure that our stamp was in the right place and that Mrs Knight had written our address on it carefully before we posted them.

Week 2 – ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We decided to continue with same story this week; the children were then set a few bridge-based challenges.

In Maths they were to challenged to learn about weight to protect the very old and delicate bridge. We learnt to use the words heavy and light, we learnt to order objects by weight and even started to measure how heavy things were by using balancing scales and blocks.

In topic we were challenged to work as a team to create a bridge. This was more difficult that it first seemed as we all had lots of ideas and we had to find a way to listen to each other and still solve any problems with the bridge.

Later in the week the children worked with Mr Bailey to imagine alternative versions of the story and we enjoyed finishing our clay fairy tale creatures.

In addition, the children used all of the apps they have learnt about so far to record something about their new story.

Finally, on Friday we took part in Soccer aid and learnt about our right to play and rest.

Week 1 – ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We had a very exciting start to our first week back! We really enjoyed sitting in the lorry and learning to cross the road safely. We even practised answering how and why questions to show how much we had learnt and understood afterwards; this was then followed by Sports Day. We were very proud of how well all of the children behaved in Reception and loved seeing fantastic examples of sportsmanship that was shown by so many of our youngest children.


In the afternoon, we read our fairy tale of the week, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ There was lots of vocabulary for us to talk about and throughout the week we used the story to help us create warning posters and notes.


We also used our story to help us with adding on in maths.

Week 5 - ‘The Gingerbread Man’

After the children found Mr Greedy and the Gingerbread Man a few weeks ago, we knew we had to read the original story too.

Unfortunately, our storybook had lost all of its pictures; so we had to follow the story without pictures first and then, as a class, add them back into the book in the right place.

Once we knew the story really well we had a go at ordering the pictures ourselves and creating our own books.

Some children even had a go at using story-writing language in some of their writing this week.

In maths we revisited sharing and had lots of fun using playdough, role playing as bakers for a very fussy customer and drawing or sticky on baking paper.

Later in the week we had a go at making our own gingerbread men. We had to follow instructions carefully, stay safe and hygienic and then, once they were ready, taste them; they were delicious!

We also did lots of floating and sinking experimenting too to find out what the gingerbread man could have escaped on, instead of the foxes back.

Week 4 – ‘The magic porridge pot’

We have loved the story of the magic porridge pot this week. We started by listening to the story and using our imaginations. We then added pictures to the story together. Once we knew the story well we made our own books, taking care to put all of the pictures in the right order so that the story made sense.

In maths our own magic pot turned up! This was a doubling porridge pot and the children learnt to double anything that went inside.
Throughout the week we retold the story many times! The children were brilliant at repeating the magic words “Cook little pot, cook!”.

In our play we felt and played with porridge oats, we made porridge shakers and we tasted real, warm porridge. This helped us to learn and use lots of new vocabulary to describe what it looked like, how it tasted and what it felt like.

At the end of the week we then used all of our porridge words to make our own porridge songs, which we performed on the stage with our porridge shaker instruments.

This week we have also learnt new dance styles with Mrs Smart, practised athletics with Mr Curcio and learnt about environments and habitats with Mr Bailey who helped us to talk about where different animals live.

Week 3 – ‘Knights of Gipsey Bridge’

This week we pretended to be knights. We borrowed some armour from Mrs Vickers and talked about the material it was made from, its properties and why other materials couldn’t be used for armour instead. We even got a chance to try it on. It was VERY heavy!

Later in the week we created repeated rhythms for the King’s birthday song. We then wrote and decorated birthday cards too.

The King thought that our cards and music was so beautiful that he asked us to the Knights of Gipsey Bridge.

As new knights of Gipsey Bridge we worked as a team to save the princesses. Poor Queen Elsa had accidentally frozen them so we needed to work out what could melt the ice the quickest.

As our final challenge on Friday we learnt to use the iPads to make videos of our friends.

Week 2 – ‘Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk’

This week we have continued to explore an alternative fairy-tale ‘Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk’, where Jack sells his cow for gold coins and then buys jelly beans at the sweet shop on the way home.

In maths the children have been naming coins, counting in pennies and starting to properly understand the worth of coins. This was all in preparation for our own sweet shop challenge. At the end of the week the children were given 10p to spend, were presented with real sweets and prices and had to work out what they could buy. This challenge got us using lots of mathematical language and the children were incredibly focused on solving a real problem!

As part of our topic this week we looked at non-fiction books and completed a shared reading all about old toys. This helped us to notice and name some materials and begin to compare them to the materials our toys are made of now.

Mr Bailey also worked with us on Thursday to order the Mr Nosey version of the story and begin to use imaginative language to role play it in a group.


Week 1 – 'Jim and the Bean Stalk'

This week we looked at the story ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs. This is an alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk set many years after when the Giant has grown old and another little boy, Jim, discovers the beanstalk.

We decided that Jack might have be Jim’s Great Grandad.

We compared Jack’s kitchen to Jim’s kitchen and learnt lots about how life was different in the past.

In the story, the giant is very sad, Jim helps by measuring parts of the giant’s face so that he can get a new wig, glasses and false teeth. We learnt how to measure accurately using blocks and used this skill to record how long each part of the giants face was.

The giant then told us that he was much bigger than the pictures we were using and that each tiny block was the same as 1-metre stick. We had great fun using the measurements we had carefully recorded and meter sticks on the playground to see how big the giant’s face would really be.

Later in the week, we made our own glasses using a range of materials including playdough, stickle bricks and card. We had to apply our maths skills when our glasses were the wrong size. The children found that if the arms on their glasses were too long they would take some away and to make it longer they would need to add more.

During the week, we also shared our Easter experiences; role played in the opticians and predicted events in guided reading.

WOW event - The Royal Ball 


We started our new topic before half term with an exciting Royal Ball WOW event with the Reception children from Spilsby. Mrs Smart taught us to waltz, we listened to a story about a knight and we enjoyed playing together too.