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Summer Term - Blue Planet


Our project this term is called ‘Blue Planet!’ and we are going to be learning all about  the ocean and life at sea. The children have shown great excitement and enthusiasm about their new project as we have already generated lots of ideas about what we would like to learn about . We have already began to create our very own under the water themed classroom with lots of inspirational areas for the children to feel completely immersed in their learning.

Please continue to follow our learning journey this term by looking at the regular updates on our class page. 

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Week one

WOW! We’ve had a fantastic start to the week!

In literacy, we have been busy learning all about the picture book Flotsam. In the story a young boy finds a mysterious camera on the washed up on the beach. The children spend time thinking about what could happen next in the story and created some wonderfully descriptive diary entries as if they were the boy on the beach.

This week the children were very excited to have a visit from Boston cricket club. The children spent time having a go at some of the cricket skills taught.

Sports day will soon be here, so the children have also been spending some time practising their races with Mrs Smart.


Week 2

This week the children have planned and written their own under the sea themed stories all inspired by the Flotsam book we began learning about last week.

The children have been working hard to include lots of different types of sentences and included some wonderful descriptive language.

In science this week, we have spent time learning about similarities and differences between animals and labelling different animal parts.

We have also spent some time reflecting on our food waste and learning about how lucky we are to have access to a healthy balanced diet and clear drinking water as many children around the world are less fortunate than us.

Week 4

This week the children have been working hard to write some wonderful animal fact files. The children focused on the life cycle of a sea turtle and how plastic pollution is effecting sea life around the world.

In project, the children have spent time learning about Vincent Van Gogh. The children were focusing particularly on the textures and brush stokes within his work. The children then created their own seascapes inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

Week 7

This week we have been reading a story called ‘The Secret of Black Rock’. We talked about the structure of the story, and how the story immediately began with action! Using the story as inspiration, the children have planned and written their own action packed stories! The children worked hard to include adverbs to describe how characters were doing certain things in their stories and they really did make for some wonderful reading!

In topic, we have spent time learning all about sharks! The children were extremely excited to learn all about sharks and were surprised to learn that sharks only actually kill around 10 humans a year.

We have also spent time learning about the human body and its different parts.

Week 8

This week we have been learning all about pirates. The children have been working hard to write letters to their imaginary pirate friend. The children worked hard to continue to use descriptive language and a variety of sentence types.

In topic, we have been learning all about famous artist, Georges Seurat and Pointillism. The children then worked hard to complete their own pointillism inspired paintings. The children then compare the work of Vincent Van Gogh, who they learnt about previously in the term and Georges Seurat.