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Summer Term 2 - Scented Garden

Our Cornerstones project this term is call 'Scented Garden!'. During the project we’ll be discovering the sights, sounds and smells of the garden. This half term, we’ll visit Norfolk Lavender and investigate all the wonderful things growing in the great outdoors. We’ll find out how to look after plants, ask the experts questions and appreciate the flowers. We’ll write an information book about plants, follow instructions, enjoy the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and write stories of our own.


Discovering our green fingers will be fun when we plant and tend a pizza garden of herbs. We’ll also learn about the different parts of a plant. Our senses will help us describe and sort a range of smells and we’ll make beautifully scented products. We’ll look closely at a wide variety of plants, create detailed, observational drawings and press real flowers to use in collages.


At the end of our project, we will have become plant experts! We’ll create a presentation about plants, share the information books that we have made and design a fantasy garden. All of these wonderful learning experiences will help us to answer this projects Big Question: What can be found growing in the ground?



Week 4 

In art this week the children have continued making observational drawings of flowers. Today they have been developing their sketching skills.

Today the children have been working in groups to invent their own garden games ready to write some instructions later in the week. This afternoon the children are going to try out their games and give each other feedback and describe how they could improve their games.

Week 3 

In Art this week the children have been experimenting with different mediums to produce some fantastic observational drawings of lavender.

Week 2

In D+T this week the children worked in groups to follow instructions to make some scented playdough.

This week in science the children have been investigating their senses. We have spent time investigating herbs and discussing our favourite senses.

Week 1 

This week in literacy we have been researching facts about Cacti ready to write our own non-chronological reports later in the week.

In science this week we have begun learning about what plants need to grow. The children had great fun working in groups to plant a variety of different vegetables.