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Summer Team 1 - Beat, Band, Boogie!

Our Cornerstones project this term is call 'Beat, Band, Boogie!'. During the project we’ll be stepping in time to the beat and learning all about music.


We’ll listen to a range of music, identify pulse, rhythm and pitch, and move in time to the music. Leading and following instructions will help us make percussion instruments and we’ll also design our own. We’ll learn nursery rhymes including The Grand Old Duke of York and read the story of Octopus’s Garden, by Ringo Starr!


Our bodies will turn into instruments as we try to master the art of body percussion. We’ll learn lots of new songs and write lyrics and tunes of our own. We’ll listen carefully to different sounds outdoors, test our sense of hearing and find out how far different sounds can travel. All of this learning will enable us to answer this term’s Big Question: How does music make you feel?


Visit our class page regularly to follow our learning journey throughout the project!. We can wait to share our fantastic learning experiences with you :) 



Week 6 

In science this week we have been learning all about how sound travels and investigating if the size of our ears makes a difference to the amount we can hear! The children had great fun testing out their giant ears!

Week 5

In D+T this week, the children have been working hard to design and make some junk model guitars. They had great fun investigating how they could create different pitched sounds using the elastic bands.

Week 4 

In music this week we have also been listening to different types of music, some fast, some slow and thinking about how the different types of music made us feel. We then spent time experimenting with drawing how it made us feel.

This week in music the children have been learning the song The Grand Old Duke of York. In history we have spent time learning where the song came from and why people sing it and in Art we have been experimenting with mixing primary colours by completing a colour march!

This week in literacy we have began learning about the key features of newspaper reports.

Week 3 

In science this week the children have been investigating how the amount of water in a glass container affects the pitch of the sound made when the container is tapped with a pencil.

Week 2

In literacy the children have been imagining that they are under the sea, inspired by this weeks story, The Octopus's Garden. The children worked in groups to describe using their senses all in preparation for writing their own stories inspired by Ringo Starr's story.

This week in music we have been learning all about Body Percussion! The children were thrilled to watch the body percussion performance from the group 'Stomp' . They then worked in groups to create their own body percussion performances, they really were great!

We have started the week by learning about the story of the Octopus's Garden by Ringo Starr! The children loved hearing the story and singing along to the song.

Week 1 

During this lesson the children spent time investigating lots of different instruments. We learnt about the different instrument families and the different types of sounds made by instruments from different families.

In literacy this week the children have been busy researching facts about different musical instruments in preparation for writing their own non-chronological reports.